Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences

Female student smiling while holding a device to register data

Our aim is to continue growing an environment which promotes nationally and internationally recognised research.

The Cambridge Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences currently brings together expertise across four of the tenets of exercise sciences: physiology, psychology, biomechanics and coaching/pedagogy. The research interests of our members comes under the banner of Performance and Well-being. Within this contextual frame-work our research is grouped into the following research areas:

We offer our Sport and Exercise Sciences PhD. We have also identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for you as a postgraduate research student.

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Current projects

  • Pacing strategies in big-city marathons
  • Limitations to maximal oxygen uptake and the incidence of VO2 plateau
  • Visual search and anxiety in sport
  • Visual impairment and adaptive gait
  • Ultra-marathon performance and nutritional aids
  • Temporal analysis of lightweight women's judo
  • Understanding the coach-athlete relationship
  • Movement and biomechanics across the lifespan
  • Physical activity promotion and sedentary behaviour reduction in the workplace
  • Physical activity promotion and sedentary behaviour reduction in special populations

Consultancy services

Our BASES-accredited Sport Science labs are home to the Performance and Exercise Testing Consultancy. In addition to tests for individuals we also offer tailored training and workshops for groups working with professional and semi-professional athletes.

If you would like to find out more about the research services and support available to your organisation, please contact: Dr Justin Roberts or Dr Lee Smith

Group members

Dr Itay Basevitch
Bob Challis
Dr Dan Gordon
Dr James Johnstone
Katrina McDonald
Dr Charlotte Nevison
Kjell van Paridon
Dr Justin Roberts
Adrian Scruton
Dr Lee Smith
Dr Anna Stodter
Dr Matthew Timmis

PhD researchers

Ahoora Baranian
Flavia Bueno
Bob Challis
João Guerra
Diane Johnson
Katrina McDonald
Glenn Miller
Hannah Palmer
Paul Robertson
Chris Spice
Craig Suckling
Kjell van Paridon
Ralitsa Dzhambazova
Tony Marshall
Thomas Bates

Research assistants

James Baker
Viviane Merzbach