Biomedical Research Group (BRG)

Students working in a lab

Our Biomedical Research Group (BRG) aims to integrate research into the genotypic and phenotypic relationships underpinning our understanding of health, disease and ageing in human, animal and microbial systems.

Our research interests involve biochemical and molecular mechanisms that underpin the pathogenesis and aetiology of mammalian diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, myeloproliferative diseases, and tumorigenesis; metabolic factors associated with human disease and exercise; the genetics of antibiotic resistance in bacteria; and bacterial pathogen virulence and evolution.

Here is a list of the current research interests of the group along with the academic contact:

Prof Christopher Parris - Human Cancer and DNA repair

Dr Claire Pike - Cancer, Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Epigenetics

Dr Peter Coussons - Transglutaminase enzymes, Cancer, Antioxidants, Catalytic antibodies, Erythropoietin and rheumatoid arthritis

Dr Richard Jones - Macular degeneration

Dr Havovi Chichger - Vascular disease and diabetes

Dr Linda King - Lipotoxicity and impairment of insulin signalling in type II diabetes

Dr Nicholas Pugh - Platelet signalling pathways

Dr Grisha Pirianov - Regulation of the inflammatory response, proinflammatory mediators, tol-like receptors, anti-inflammatory drugs

Dr Paul Dyer - Research interests in drug delivery

We offer our Biomedical Science PhD. We have also identified a range of innovative research project opportunities for you as a postgraduate research student.