Students build sustainable construction skills

Published: 16 December 2014 at 09:44

Construction Technology students have been improving their presentation and exhibition skills in an exciting and innovative assessment strategy.

Thirty-four groups of students worked to research the strengths and limitations of particular sustainable construction materials, products or techniques.

Classrooms in our Marconi Building were then transformed into a layout similar to trade fairs for the students to present their work to visitors and engage with them on a one to one basis, just as they would in the industry.

Pauline Start, Director of Studies, said:

"I have been very impressed today by the extent of the students' research into environmentally friendly materials and techniques for use in high rise buildings. The results of their research were proficiently displayed and they showed a sound knowledge of the products when questioned by academics from the Department of Engineering and the Built Environment."

The exhibition formed part of the assessed work for the module, with credit being given for both presentation and knowledge.