Optometry student research wins regional award

Published: 19 November 2014 at 10:05

Two optometry students have been selected as the regional winners in the CooperVision 2014 Student Summit award.

Jessica Massey and Agatha Jaworski, who are both third year students, were selected after submitting a project that investigated how multifocal contact lenses perform in real-world conditions.

Using two different design lenses, they focused on contrast sensitivity functions, which measure a person's ability to distinguish between light and dark.

The first lens was a centre-near lens, which has the near reading prescription in the centre, the second was a centre-distance lens, which has the distance prescription in the centre. Their results showed that the centre-near lens performed less well at distance for low-contrast (black on white) vision and the centre-distance lens performed less well at near for high-contrast (pale grey on white) vision.

The awards encourage new research from within the UK's optometry universities and ask for projects which are original, well-designed and add to our current knowledge base.

CooperVision's Professional Relations Manager, Karl Aberdeen, said: 

"I have always been delighted with the standard of professionalism and dedication to detail by all the competing students and I look forward to discovering even more clinical research scientists of the future in this year's competition."

Jessica said:

"It was a wonderful to be chosen as the regional winners for the award and the whole experience has encouraged me to consider pursuing research in the future."

Jessica and Agatha went on to join five other groups of students from around the country to compete in the national stages, but were beaten by Fiona Buckmaster of Glasgow Caledonian University.