Prof Peter Allen

Professor of Optometry and Visual Science

Visual Function and Physiology Research Group

Faculty:Faculty of Science & Technology

Department:Vision and Hearing Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Health, social care and medical innovation

Peter is the Head of our Visual Function and Physiology Research group. His areas of expertise include refractive error development, vision and reading, vision in sports and visual function in specialist populations.


Peter is the Professor of Optometry and Visual Science. In his research Peter collaborates with colleagues in the UK and in Australia, India, America, Holland, US and Germany. He is an assessor and examiner for the College of Optometrists.

In 2013 Peter was awarded the Neil Charman Medal, one of the most prestigious awards in optical research, in recognition of his work on visual stress and the link between reading difficulties and perceptual distortion.

Research interests

  • Myopia
  • Reading difficulties
  • Visual function in specialist groups

Areas of research supervision

  • Myopia
  • Vision in specialist populations including people who are deaf, people with autism and people with reading difficulties
  • Sports vision


BOptom (Hons) Optometry

External Examiner

2015-2019 University of Ulster external examiner for the BSc Hons Optometry programme
2015-2019 Cardiff University external examiner for postgraduate taught programmes


  • PhD, Anglia Ruskin University
  • BSc (Hons) Ophthalmic Optics, City University

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Fellow, the College of Optometrists
  • Fellow, the Higher Education Academy
  • Council Member and on the Board of Trustees, the College of Optometrists

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

2015 Long-term adaptation to coloured spectacle lenses P.M.Allen College of Optometrists: £2000
2014 Visual Impairment Shooting Classification Project. P.M.Allen, J. Myint. International Paralympic Committee: EU8000
2013 Diagnosis and treatment of visual and visuoperceptual anomalies in autism spectrum conditions. A.K. Ludlow, P.M. Allen, A. Franklin, D.R. Simmons, A.J. Wilkins. Action Medical Research £128,000 
2013 The practical work of the optometrist 2: communication skills in optometry D. vom Lehn, C. Heath, W. Gibson, P.M. Allen, B.J.W. Evans ESRC: Research Grant £56,000
2011 Objective correlates of Visual Stress and the development of an evidence-based protocol. P.M. Allen. College of Optometrists: £55,000
2009 P.M.Allen. Anglia Research Enhancement Competition: £3,000
2004-9 Human Antimyopia project. D.J. O'Leary. (P.M. Allen, H. Radhakrishnan, S. Pardhan, R.I. Calver, E. Osuobeni). Commonwealth of Australia Vision Cooperative Research Centre grant: £220,000

Selected recent publications

Publications in peer reviewed research journals:

Mann, D.L., Runswick. O. and Allen, P.M. (2016) Are cricket batsmen being taught to bat back-to-front? Sports Medicine. (In press)

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Publications in peer reviewed professional journals:

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