Biomarker Analysis Laboratory

The Biomarker Analysis Laboratory provides high quality analysis of saliva and hair samples for a range of hormone and immune markers. 

Our most commonly requested analyses are cortisol and testosterone but we can provide a testing for a wide range of analytes. We largely use Salimetrics assay kits for our analysis and the full range can be found on the Salimetrics website.

Why use our laboratory?

  • We are highly experienced at providing saliva and hair analysis: saliva and hair testing presents different challenges to other tissue types and we have we have over a decade of experience of providing high quality hormone and immune analysis for researchers worldwide. We have worked with Salimetrics for a number of years and years and we are a Salimetrics-accredited laboratory.
  • Reliable results: the majority of analysis is automated using a Tecan Evo liquid hander to provide a fast and highly controlled testing service. We largely use assay kits and reagents from Salimetrics. Salimetrics are the global leader in salivary bioscience and their assays are specifically designed to work with saliva samples.
  • We are licensed to store human tissue: the laboratory is covered by a Human Tissue Authority licence for the storage of human tissue samples, including saliva, for the scheduled purpose of research. 
  • The laboratory is run by research active staff: the academic and technical staff working in the laboratory are experienced at both at the technical and the research aspects of working with saliva and hair samples. 

How to contact us

If you would like a quote for testing services or have any questions about our lab, please email