Consultancy psychology testing

We test and measure data in our labs, analyse results and give you solutions so that you can improve your products and processes – and above all, make sure you're ahead of the competition.

We undertake a wide range of consultancy activities. Our psychological expertise can be applied to the design and implementation of research projects, interventions, or the creation and delivery of custom-made courses. 

We've offered consultancy in the fields of consumer psychology, psychological assessment of adults and children, psychophysiological and stress testing, research methods and online assessment, and working with health and social service users.

We have extensive experience of working with business, higher education and the third sector. Contact us if you'd like to harness our expertise.

Tissue analysis

Biomarker Services

We have expertise in the analysis of saliva for a range of hormones and immunological markers, for example the hormones cortisol and testosterone and the mucosal antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA). 

The majority of the analyses we run use the sensitive Enzyme Linked Immunsorbent Assay (ELISA) and specialist robotic equipment.

We can help with collecting, storing and transporting saliva, as well as with the interpretation and analysis of the data.

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Salimetrics Europe

We offer our Salivary Assay Consultancy via Salimetrics Europe

Salimetrics Europe have formed a joint venture between scientists at the Universities of Loughborough and Anglia Ruskin to offer a bespoke Saliva Testing Service within Europe for a wide range of Salivary Biomarkers including: Alpha Amylase, Androstenedione, Blood Contamination, Cortisol, Cotinine, C-Reactive Protein, DHEA, DHEA-S, Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone, Progesterone, 17 alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone, Secretory IgA, Testosterone.

See the Salimetrics website for more details or email

Tecan Genesis Freedom 150/8 automated liquid handler

We have a wide range of resources for the saliva analysis, but the Tecan Freedom liquid handler is at the heart of our laboratories.

The Freedom is an open-platform system that allows additional modules and configurations to be added in response to changing needs. Currently the Freedom hardware is configured for its role as a colourmetric/assay system:

  • six low evaporation microplate incubation shaker bays
  • nine ambient incubation bays
  • POS-ID barcode scanner & 'on the fly' bar code scanner
  • Tecan Columbus 16 channel plate washer
  • Tecan Infinite F200 microplate reader (incubator, absorption, fluorescence polarity and intensity).

The Freedom automates the analysis process, allowing for rapid and accurate analysis of saliva samples.

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