Lived Experience Project

The Lived Experience Project (LEP) was developed by members of the department of psychology to learn from the lived experience of mental health problems and long term conditions. Members of the LEP work with staff and students to bring their personal experience in to our curriculum, in order to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of their lived experience. 

The project contributes lived experience knowledge and understanding primarily through:

  • Teaching both undergraduates and postgraduate psychology students about living with mental health difficulties or long term conditions. This has ranged from members speaking about their lived experience of depression, schizophrenia, HIV, stroke and prosopagnosia (the inability to recognise familiar faces)
  • Consultation on research, including providing opinions on experience of taking part in research, ideas on research, issues of ethics, and materials used in research studies (Applicable to MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology only)
  • Feedback: Providing formative feedback to postgraduate students. This is specific to our MSc Foundations in Clinical Psychology course where the LEP members will provide input to students through participating in experimental workshops on the counselling encounter
  • Public Engagement workshops/seminars aimed at increasing awareness of mental health issues and long term conditions

The LEP encourages greater critical reflection of the contemporary issues and debates around issues such as social justice, ethics and wellbeing, heightening awareness of influences such as language, media and socio-historical factors in the curriculum.

We have received an Education for Sustainability (EfS) grant, to develop our innovative teaching practices further and are leading the way in providing a sustainable and responsible curriculum (QAA, 2014).

Today's lecture was very insightful and inspiring. The fact that they gave out so much of their experience and was happy to do so is really helpful to us all and I wouldn't have got something so relatable and pure from a text book case study.
I thought this experience was very valuable in applying everything we've been taught to a real life situation and having someone speak to us about their experiences really honed in for everyone the reality of everything we learn, and the reason we are studying it.