Booking coordinator guidance

Planning Skills booking coordinators are designated members of staff at each participating council that are responsible for ensuring the correct booking of their staff onto the Planning Skills courses.

The booking form

Each booking coordinator will be sent a booking form to be completed and it is up to each council how they want to distribute this and collect the bookings in from their staff. You can also download a booking form from the resources section below.

The booking form is an excel spreadsheet with two tabs; the instructions and the booking list. Please can all booking coordinators ensure they read the instruction tab to ensure correct completion, and that all fields are completed as requested. Please note that the booking form asks for each individual staff member to be listed one after the other, per row. If there is a lot of interest for particular sessions, please allocate reserves if your delegate limit has already been reached.

Amending a booking

If any delegate needs to change their booking (e.g. cancellations, swaps etc), they need to alert their booking coordinator of this, who should then update their University contact at

Additional spaces

Additional spaces can be purchased for individual sessions by councils if they wish to send more staff onto that particular session than their prepaid amount allows. Due to capacity, these are available at a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in discussing this further, please email the above address or mention this when returning your council’s completed booking form.


Booking form

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