Cat welfare research project

A cat sitting on a high platform in a cattery environment

Do you provide care for cats housed in a kennelled environment? Then please consider taking part in our cat welfare research project.* 'Validation of a Quality of Life scoring system for kennelled cats'


Cats housed in kennelled environments such as rescue, cattery or laboratory research centres may differ greatly in how they adapt to their environment and it can be difficult to reliably and accurately assess and monitor the cat’s progress. This research project aims to enable carers of kennelled cats to assess how happy and healthy their cats are, by monitoring their Quality of Life (QoL). 

Aim of the research project

The aim of this project is to develop a questionnaire which can assess the QoL of cats housed in kennelled environments, such as rescue, cattery or laboratory research centres. The questionnaire can be completed by carers of kennelled cats. The questionnaire includes questions on aspects of the cat’s behaviour and daily life and will allow the assessment of the cat’s QoL at a point in time. If used repeatedly, it can be used to monitor QoL over time. In addition, it could be used to compare QoL between different housing and husbandry practices, for example, before and after implementation of a new enrichment programme in a rescue shelter or similar environment.

*Please read the Participant Information Sheet in full.

For further information contact Olivia Norfolk.

The cat welfare research project is part of the Behavioural Ecology Research Group.