Dr Matthew Timmis PhD BSc (hons)

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Dr Matthew Timmis gained his Bachelors degree in Sports Science and Football Coaching from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in 2007. Upon graduating from LJMU, Matthew progressed directly into his PhD which was undertaken at the University of Bradford. Matthew's PhD investigated the role that vision plays in regulating step descent landing control. Matthew completed his PhD in 2010.

Research Interests

Main research interests are in the area of movement control, and in particular the role that vision plays in mediating such control. Matthew is particularly interested in investigating the role that visual impairment has upon regulating movements which are undertaken daily i.e. reach and grasp or adaptive gait.
Ongoing Research Project:
The effect of Age-related Macular Degeneration on reach and grasp functions.


Timmis MA, Johnson L, Elliott DB, Buckley JG. (2010). Use of single-vision distance spectacles improves landing control during step descent in well-adapted multifocal lens-wearers, Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 51(8), 3903-3908.

Timmis MA, Bennett SJ, and Buckley JG, (2009). Visuomotor control of step descent: evidence of specialised role of the lower visual field, Experimental Brain Research, 195(2), 219-227.

Hayes SJ, Timmis MA, Bennett SJ. (2009). Eye movements are not a prerequisite for learning movement sequence timing through observation, Acta Psychologica, 131(3), 202-208.

Contact Details

Telephone: 0845 196 2230
Email: matthew.timmis@anglia.ac.uk
Location: Cambridge Campus