About Health & Wellbeing Academy

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The Health and Wellbeing Academy has now closed and this page is no longer being updated. For all the latest information about the Postgraduate Medical Institute, please visit our PMI page

The Health & Wellbeing Academy has been set up as a partnership between the South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT) and Anglia Ruskin University University's Postgraduate Medical Institute (PMI) to be active in healthcare research and postgraduate training.

A major challenge currently facing healthcare, both locally and nationally, is the increasing number of older individuals. Within the next 20 years, older people (over 65 years of age) will constitute 28% of the Essex population. This increase and the altered need for healthcare have been so rapid that research has lagged behind.

The aim of the Academy is to bring together teams of researchers who are committed to practical, real-world research into health and wellbeing that will provide information and technologies to influence clinical practice and policy at local, national and international levels.  We are working on development of novel approaches to improve health and wellbeing using cutting-edge research and technologies. Our research theme leaders are Prof Richard Aspinall, Prof Selim Cellek and Dr Dingchang Zheng.