Anglia Ruskin Aesthetic Surgery Group

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Recent research projects include:

  1. A multicentre International clinical facelift study using a newly developed Nuvance mesh.
  2. The development of a Plasma (Fourth State of Matter) tool to treat facial lines and wrinkles. The tool has already been shown to eliminate biofilm, non carcinogenic and non-teratogenic. There is a potential role in Burns and plastics and dermatological disorders especially diabetes. This is a collaborative project with the Surrey Space Centre.
  3. Academic collaborative work with Amrita Hospital in Southern India. They have animal research and state of the art nanotechnology facilties.
  4. There has been one PhD student from Egypt and there are currently 3 students on the higher Aesthetic degree programme aiming to compete the MCh.
  5. There are a number of high quality, high impact publications that have been authored by faculty members.
  6. The faculty publishes a ‘Brain’ indicating the Surgical procedures at  any of the 5 operating facilities within the UK that support the MCh programme These are near Newcastle, Oxford, Plymouth, Birmingham and Chelmsford.
  7. Setting up a photographic library of Plastic, Burns and Aesthetic Procedures.


Key members of Staff

Professor James D Frame

Visiting Honoraries

David Smith, USA

Foad Nahai, USA

Phillipe Bellity, France

Jaffer Khan, Dubai

UK Senior lecturers

Neil McLean, Newcastle

Adrian Richards, Oxford

Paul Levick, Birmingham

James McDiarmid, Plymouth

Research assistant

James Frame (Jnr)


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Professor James Frame


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