Tom Scott

Senior Lecturer

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department:School of Computing and Information Science

Location: Chelmsford

Areas of Expertise: Computing and technology

Tom has worked in education for over 20 years in multimedia, animation and sound. He's now course leader for our Business Information Systems degree, having previously been course leader for Multimedia Computing.


While most of Tom’s academic experience has been in a multimedia environment, managing and guiding students to the end of their courses – whether they're arts- or business-based – centres on being inventive and finding solutions to problems.

Tom is a multimedia artist working in sound and moving image. From 2010 onwards, he's been engaged in creating a series multimedia art works investigating the sonic and visual identities of the east coast of England, from Northumberland to the Essex Thames estuary. Tom's artworks have been presented at Tate Britain, Dean Clough (Halifax), Lovebytes (Sheffield) and the Wro Festival (Poland) and latterly Flicker at Smiths Row, E17 Art Trail, 5th Cambridge S8 Festival and The Makers Yard (London).

In 1984, Tom co-founded Hull Time Based Arts Ltd with a group of artists living and working in Hull. He works with sound, Super 8, 16mm, analogue and digital video.

Research interests

  • NHS mobile app development – SMS-based reminder application for patients to take their medication
  • Mobile app to identify blood based pathogens – using java neural networks to allow the system to learn to identify a pathogen
  • Mobile app to control an Arduino controlled car


  • MA Art & Design, University of Lincolnshire & Humberside
  • PGDip Learning & Teaching in Higher Education, Anglia Ruskin University

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

Scott, T., 2013. Postcard View. Video/Super 8 installation, Flicker: Artists and Super 8 Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds.

Scott, T., 2013. Postcard View. Video/Super 8 installation and North, South, East and West… Audio Installation Nature Culture. The Makers Yard, London.

Scott, T., 2012. E17 Art Trail. Four in the Garden, North, Audio Installations. London.

Scott, T., 2011. 5th Cambridge Super 8 Festival. Squeaky Gate, Cambridge.

Scott, T., 2000. Development of an interactive website for Love Code, a play written by M. Williamson. Joint venture between Whole New Theatre, Cole Harbour Community Video and Bell Art Labs.

Scott, T., 2000. Production Manager for Saltrock Narrations, Audio narrative series for Installation Spaces, CD audio and radio. Bell Art Labs Production.

Scott, T., Scott, A. and Mizack, C., 2000. Video/Audio Installation. Bell Art Labs Group Show, European Illustration Collection Gallery, Hull.

Scott, T., 2000. Fields of Snow, Bridge (video). Selected by George Saxon.

Scott, T., 1999. Atlantic Waves (film). Blowing Our Own Trumpet Screening: Part of Toot 99 Festival, Hull Time Based Arts, Hull Film Theatre.

Scott, T., 1999. Fields of Snow, Bridge (video). The Lubin Tour, Bell Art Labs Group Show, Kerklees Media Centre.

Scott, T., 1999. European Illustration Collection Gallery, Hull, Bell Art Labs Production.

Scott, T., Scott, A. and Mizack, C., 1998. Audio CD-ROM. Auction of Great Heart, Lubin, Poland 4th Lubin Auction.

Scott, T., Scott, A. and Mizack, C., 1998. Video/Audio Installation. The Lubin tour, Bell Art Labs Group Show Red Gallery Hull.

Scott, T. et al, 1998. Participated in a joint digital project between the printmaking departments of Lincolnshire & Humberside University and Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Scott, T., 1998. Animation & Paintings Workshops, St George's School, Hull, for children 5-6 years old.

Scott, T., 1996. TigraShout, a video/audio installation with interactive elements. European Illustration Collection Gallery, Hull, Bell Art Labs Production.