Michelle Lewis-King

Doctoral Researcher


Faculty:Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Fine art

Courses taught: Fine Art

Michelle's transdisciplinary research has a particular focus on intercultural connections between art, medicine and technology.



Michelle Lewis-King is a PhD research fellow for CoDE Research Institute where she investigates intercultural connections between art, medicine and technology. Michelle holds a BFA (Tyler School of Art, USA), an MA (Chelsea College of Arts, UAL), a PgDip Theory of Contemporary Art (Chelsea College of Arts), and a BSc Integrated Medicine (University of Westminster).

Michelle’s research has featured in PROJECT ANYWHERE (2015), DeTao Node (Roy Ascott Studios SIVA), University Paris 8, London LASER (Central Saint Martins), and at conferences internationally. Her research is published in journals such as Digital Creativity and Journal of Sonic Studies. Michelle works have featured in: ‘Circadian: TodaysArt NL 2015,’ ‘Drawing Towards Sound’ University of Greenwich (with Cage, Cardew, Boulez, etc.), Anatomy Museum King’s College, Re-New 2013, Ex-Teresa Museum (Mexico), V&A Museum, Spike Island. Michelle also works collaboratively with artists, musicians, scientists and technologists (most recently at 4DSOUND and The Port @ CERN).

Research interests

Research synopsis:

Pulse Project (2011-2016) is an ongoing performance research series that brings together transdisciplinary expertise in multimedia, performance art, sound art/audio design, clinical medicine and art criticism. Pulse Project interrogates aesthetic and philosophical axioms underpinning contemporary art, medicine and technology through engagement with pre-modern Chinese medicine and music theories. Accordingly, this research investigation travels laterally between cultures and practices and calls for a radical change in conceiving of the body in either ‘Oriental’ and ‘Occidental’ terms in order to both reduce ethnocentric ignorance and also to travel beyond the tired bifurcations between mind and body, self and others, and Western and Othered cultures. In combining art, science and diverse medicines together with contemporary digital culture, this project opens transverse lines of inquiry that build new interconnections between the arts, humanities and sciences whilst at the same time generating a new form of cultural engagement through performance and sound works.

Selected recent publications

2016. ‘Pulse Project’, Consciousness Reframed 2015 Proceedings, Intellect. (in press)

2016. 'Touch as Techne: Pulse Reading as Interface', ISEA 2016 Cultural R<evolution Proceedings. (in press).

2016. ’Touching as Listening.’ The Acupuncturist, A British Acupuncture Council Publication. Winter (February).

2015. ‘Touch as Techne: Rethinking Digitality’. Digital Creativity, Vol. 26 No. 1. Routledge: Taylor and Francis.

2014. ‘Touching as Listening: A Translational Encounter Between Art, Science, East, West, Self and Other.’ ƎLSE Journal for Artistic Research, Issue 0.

2014. ‘Pulse Project: An Investigation Across Bodies, Cultures and Technology’ Reflections on Process in Sound, Issue 3

2014. 'Pulse Project'. Trans-What? 2013 Conference Proceedings, Transart Institute, Berlin. 

2014. ‘Ryoko, Leeds, 4, 2013’. WAVE. [Digital Album]. Label: Clang. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013. Pulse Landscapes. [Digital EP]. Label: Clang. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013. ‘Pulse Project: Towards a New Ecology of Embodied Sounds’. SAE 2013 Conference Proceedings. University of Kent.

2013. ‘Pulse Project: A Critical Encounter Between Art, Science, East, West, Self, Other’.  Re-new Digital Arts Festival Conference Proceedings 2013, pp. 80-84 (ISSN 2245-7801). Digital Art Forum. Copenhagen, Denmark.

2013. ‘Touching as Listening:Pulse Project’. Journal of Sonic Studies, Issue 4. Leiden University Press, Leiden: Netherlands.

2013. 'Creative Futures: A Critical Survey of Contemporary Interfaces as the Construction of Ubiquitous Marketing'. Convergence, Engagement & Power: Proceedings of the 6th Annual PhD Conference at the Institute of Communications Studies, pp. 23-27. De Beukelaer, C., Pothong, K., Schindler, C., Nothias, T., Shaw, S., Abd. Karim, N., and Miguel, C., eds. University of Leeds.

Recent presentations and conferences

November 2015. ‘Zheng as Intercultural Consciousness’. Consciousness Reframed 2015, Detao-Node, Detao Masters Academy, Shanghai, China.

June 2015. ‘Touch as Techne’. Science and You. Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France.

November 2014. ‘Touch and Techné’ and Panel Discussion. Le Sujet Digital III: Temporalitiés. Archives Nationales, Université Paris.

July 2014. ‘Pulse Project’. Performing Philosophies of Effort/Gongfu. Shanghai Theatre Academy, China.

May 2014. ‘Pulse Project’. Leonardo Arts Science Evening Rendevous (LASER). Central Saint Martins College, London.

November 2013. ‘Pulse Project:Touching, Seeing and Listening to Sound’. Seeing Sound: A Practice-Led Research Symposium. Bath Spa University, Bath.

November 2013. ‘SuperCollider and Performance Research: Pulse Project’. Flossie 2013: Women and Software Libre. Queen Mary, University College, London.

November 2013. ‘Pulse Project: Towards an Ecology of Embodied Sounds'. SAE 2013: Symposium on Acoustic Ecology. University of Kent, School of Music and Art.

October 2013. ‘Pulse Project: A Critical Encounter Between Art, Science, East, West, Self and Other’. Re-New 2013 Digital Arts Festival. PB43, Copenhagen, Denmark.

September 2013. ‘Touching as Listening: Pulse Project’. Noises of Art: Audiovisual Practice in History, Theory, and Culture. The School of Art, Aberystwyth University, Wales, and the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.

August 2013. ‘Touching as Listening: Pulse Project’. Trans-What? Transartfest Art Biennial. The Transart Institute, Berlin.

April 2013. ‘Complexity in Practice: Art, Science, and the Social’. Participation: A MeCCSA Postgraduate Conference. Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge.

October 2012. 'The Creatives: A Critical Survey of Contemporary Interfaces’. Prospectives '12: International Festival of Digital Art. University of Reno, Nevada, USA.

September 2012. Contributor to panel discussion on ‘Liveness and Interfaces’. Live Interfaces: Performance, Art, Music. ISCRiM, University of Leeds.

May 2012. ‘Transparencies: A Critical Survey of Contemporary “Interfaces”'. Convergence, Engagement & Power: The 6th Annual ICS PhD Conference. University of Leeds.

Press articles

September 2015. ‘Festival STWST48 – Kritische Information und Desinformation in 48 Stunden’, Heise Online: Make. Amina Lehner. Linz, Austria.

November 2013. Visualise: Making Art in Context. Bronac Ferran Ed., Anglia Ruskin University. pp. 6-7.

May 2012. ‘First Annual CoDE conference Takes Place in Cambridge’. Bulletin. Volume 9, no. 5, pp. 6. Anglia Ruskin University.

Feb 2012. ‘Fluxing the Manifesto’. visualisecambridge. Review.

Selected Residencies and Awards

September 2016. Pulse Project Residency, 4DSOUND Studios, Budapest, Hungary.

2015-16. Pulse Project Performances hosted by PROJECT ANYWHERE, International.

September 2014-16. Pulse Project residency at: 4DSOUND Studios, Budapest, Hungary.

October-November 2014. Colloborative Hackathon event as ‘The Port at CERN,’ Geneva, Switzerland.

2011-15, PhD Studentship, Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute (CoDE), Anglia Ruskin University.

February 2013. Carousel Sound Lab Funded Residency. Milton Keynes Art Centre, Nov. UK FInalist. Artist-Investigator Project. The Triangle Lab. San Francisco, CA.

Solo shows

September 2014. Pulse Project. The Gallery, Antenna Space, Shanghai.

Selected group exhibitions

September 2015. Circadian at TodaysArt 2015 NL. Electricitietfabriek, Den Haag, Nederlands.

September 2015. 48 Hours INFO DETOX (in association with Ars Electronica, Station Messchiff Eleonore, Linz, Austria.

May 2015. Pulse Project on location at the 56th Venice Biennale, Palazzo Contarini della Porta di Ferro, Venice, Italy.

April 2015. Drawing Towards Sound (with John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, Pierre Boulez, Aura Satz et al.) Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, London.

April 2015. Cerebellum: London - Hastings. The Stags Head, London and Rock House Hastings.

April 2014. Chinese Art Festival: Show, But Also Tell. Anatomy Museum, King’s College, London.

January 2014. Disjointed: Digital Culture. Ex-Teresa Modern Art Museum, México.

December 2013. Hardcore Software: Beta Release Launch. The White Building, London.

October 2013. Re-New 2013 Digital Arts Festival. PB43, Copenhagen, Denmark.

April 2013. Pulse: Tones of the Orient. Phipps Hall, University of Huddersfield.

April 2013. JAM 2013: The Body and the Digital. Main Hall, University of Reading.

February 2013. Digital Futures. Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

September 2012. Artist's Games. Spike Island Gallery, Bristol.

September 2012. Live Interfaces: Performance, Art, Music. ICSRiM, University of Leeds.

May 2012. Spaces of (Dis)location. Gillmorehill Centre, University of Glasgow.

March 2012. Channeling Interference. Regent Studios, London.

February 2012. Future Fluxus. Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge.

2011. Experimental Notations. Royal Nonesuch Gallery, Oakland and Mission Creek Music and Art Festival, San Francisco, CA.


2015, 31 January. Pulse Project. Resonance FM, London.

2014, 27 April. Sound Art Show. BCB Radio 106.6 FM, Bradford.