Professor Lynn Martin


Faculty:Faculty of Business and Law

Department:School of Management

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business, management and leadership , Enterprise , Leadership and management , Management and Leadership , Marketing

Lynn Martin is a professor at the Faculty of Business and Law. She received her PhD in Human Capital Formation in Small Firms in 2000 from the University of Warwick (UK).

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Lynn Martin is a professor at the Faculty of Business and Law. She received her PhD in Human Capital Formation in Small Firms in 2000 from the University of Warwick (UK).  She is a previous president of the Institute for Small Business & Entrepreneurship and is currently Chief Fellow.  With considerable experience in research and research funding in applications to three research councils, she has been a Fellow for the Economics & Social Science Research Council and a board member for Prowess and the CABS Small Business Charter Mark. She is also a non executive director for two start ups and a mentor for 5 high growth technology firms.

Lynn's primary research interest involves technology and entrepreneurship, with recent publications exploring gender in technology contexts and organisational entrepreneurship.  She has supervised seven doctoral bids to successful completion, both PhD and DBA. She is in great demand for doctoral examinations, having viva experience of 50+ examinations in the UK, Eire, Europe and Australia.

She has also presented her work at numerous academic conferences, winning best paper awards at ISBE and BAM conferences.  She has been Track Chair and has served as a reviewer for several conferences and journals. She currently serves as a member of the editorial board of the  International Journal for Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research; Journal of Small Business Enterprise Development; Gender in Management International, Journal of Rural Enterprise; International Journal for Technology Marketing (USA); New Trends in Business (Australia); The IBM Review of Business Strategy and Management and Systems in Financial Services. 

She also has experience in consulting and research projects for various public and private organisations, including European funds, three research councils and private sector sources such as the Goldman Sachs Foundation. She is also a member of the ESRC Peer Review College, and is a reviewer for research bids overseas, e.g., in Eire and Australia.

Research interests

  • Technology Entrepreneurship 
  • High growth firms
  • Innovation in small firms through technology
  • Gender and technology entrepreneurship 
  • Gender and technology innovation

Areas of research supervision

  • Small business entrepreneurship 
  • Digital entrepreneurship 
  • Digital marketing and entrepreneurship 
  • Leadership and management in small firm entrepreneurship 
  • Effective innovation in small firms


  • Teaching experience in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Business Leadership and Management, Growth in small firms 
  • Course leadership in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Module leadership at Doctoral Postgraduate and Undergraduate level
  • Experience of successful Business Start up and Growth
  • PhD supervision experience
  • Participation in the UG review process


Doctoral Thesis (PhD) in Human Capital Formation in Small Firms at the University of Warwick (UK)

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Vice Chair Academic, Chartered Association of Business Schools Small Business Charter Mark Board
  • Member, Chartered Association of Business Schools Small Business Charter Management Board meeting to govern the  Small  Business  Charter  Mark, evaluating  engagement  between  UK business  schools  and  SME  communities through  a  rigorous  assessment  process.  
  • Local Enterprise Partnership -   Skills, Innovation and Business Growth Committees. These senior Committees support the strategies for growth and innovation strategies of Cheshire & Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership as part of the implementation of their Economic Development Plan.  President of the Institute of Small Business & Entrepreneurship  co-chaired the first overseas ISBE conference in Dublin.
  • Trustee Board Member the Institute of Small Business & Entrepreneurship 
  • Scientific Council Member of The European Equitie group capital investment in women’s business based in Paris, to explore and review levels of equity funding in Europe for women and oversees preparation of case studies for successful women.  
  • Member of the Board of Directors for the Midlands Trade Forum - SME membership organisation of 1000+ companies,
  • Member of the Board of Prowess to support women's enterprise, 
  • President and Board member, Munich International Women's Association

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

In the last HEBCIS period, she led initiatives generating £18 million+ to achieve faculty and university aims, with another £7 million achieved in for the next period.  Her strategy generated 80% of all Knowledge Exchange and 42% of all research income for the faculty in the last measurement period.  Funding came from the private sector, e.g., the Goldman Sachs Foundation, European research and structural funds, research councils and regional capital funding.  Examples of these since  2008 include, as Principal Investigator: 

  • AHRC, May 14 - Nov 14, 'Gut Feeling' in Designing and Developing New Products in Small Creative Companies, AHRC award to Manchester Metropolitan University and Lynn M Martin PI, AH/L013614/1, £39,375 
  • ESRC, Jul 11 - Jul 12, Developing a cost benefit and social value framework in micro-provider contexts; third sector and university partnership. ESRC award to Manchester Metropolitan University and Lynn M Martin,  ES/I030239/1, £23,165
  • ESRC, Dec 12 - Feb 14, Sharing and building university and business perspectives of how to enable high growth in small firms, ESRC award to Manchester Metropolitan University and Lynn M Martin, ES/K000780/1, £60,809, 
  • ESRC, Feb 10 - Jul 10, Developing a business process approach to evaluate opportunities at Groundwork; energy efficiency, a case study in knowledge commercialisation, ESRC award to Manchester Metropolitan University and Lynn M Martin, £12,686
  • UK Research Council NEMODE Digital Society Grants (each £3000) ; 2014-15; The 24/7 digital manager (Lynn Martin); Postgraduate use of lending online (Lynn Martin); 
And, as Co- Investigator include: 
  • EPSRC, Jan 12 - Jul 16, Rural Hybrid Energy Enterprise Systems; EPSRC award to University of Nottingham and Michele Louise Clarke, Lynn M Martin CI £325,000 from £2,690,770
  • ESRC. 2014-15; High Street UK 2020: Transferring knowledge to facilitate the repositioning, reinventing, rebranding and restructuring of sustainable retail centres Prof Cathy Parker (PI)  and Dr Donna McGuiness, £120,000
  • JISC, 2013, Impact effects of equality research, £15000
Other projects include
  • European funding, Leonardo Project,(2013-15)  with partners in Croatia and Poland, to  develop understanding of small firm learning of their knowledge and how it underpins growth and to develop potential solutions, stage 1, 25000 euros, stage 2, 245000 euros
  • European Regional Development Fund ERDF (2013-2015) Knowledge Action Networks to work with 200 small firms in identifying knowledge gaps for innovation and growth - and meeting them, £2,300,000
  • National Council for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, (2013), review of the UK’s provision of enterprise education in universities, £12,000
  • Marks and Spencers, (2012), Review of community pilots for Plan A,  research to support understanding of how well Plan A projects met carbon reduction aims and community needs, £15,000
  • Regional Development Agency LEAD programme (2009-12), for 240 small firm owners, developing leadership to support company development £1,400,000

Selected recent publications

Guest Editorship 

Special edition, editors - Warren-Smith, I., , Martin, L., Henry, C. and L. Scott, (2014), Power shifts: women as entrepreneurs in the global context, Gender In Management, 29 (8), 466- 522, papers from the inaugural conference at Oxford Said University.

Special edition, editors, Smith, K. and Martin, L.M, editors, (2011), Enterprising Individuals International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research; includes papers from the Parliamentary workshop 2010

Special edition,  Martin , L., Ramsey, E., Ibbotson P, editors, 2009 Small businesses and IT, Australasian Journal of Information Systems: 

Selected Publications since 2017


Jerrard, B., Martin, L. and Wright, L., 2017. Gut Feeling in Small Design Consultancies. The Design Journal, 20(5), pp.577-594.

Martin, LM, Lord G, Warren-Smith I, (2018) Entrepreneurial architecture in UK universities; still a work in progress? Forthcoming

The 24/7 manager, enterprise,  invisible boundaries and new mobile technologies, forthcoming

Entrepreneurial behaviours in new technology use, forthcoming, 2019

Apprenticeships, employers and academic identity in entrepreneurial institutions, forthcoming, 2020


Martin, L.M., Lord, G. and Warren-Smith, I., 2018. Unseen and unheard? Women managers and organisational learning. The Learning Organisation, January), pp.00-00. 

Martin, L.M., Lord, G. and Warren-Smith, I., Implementing Information Systems in the gendered organisation, forthcoming 2020