Kaiyan Azure

PhD candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department:School of Psychology and Sport Science

Location: Cambridge


Research interests

Thesis title

Investigation into hair cortisol concentrations pre- and post-traumatic brain injury: The effects on both patients and their carers.

Supervisory team

Dr Matt Bristow
Professor Peter Bright
Dr Fiona Ashworth

Research group

Kaiyan is a member of our  part of our Emotion and Well-Being Research Area, part of the Applied, Social and Health Psychology Research Group.

Summary of Research

Kaiyan's research is investigating hair cortisol concentrations in patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Heightened cortisol is common after a trauma as it is part of the stress response. However, if it remains high then it can cause a heightened stress response which in patients with TBI can disrupt neurogenesis, thus inhibiting recovery. She is also investigating the stress caused to partners and relatives caring for those with TBI, as longitudinal hair cortisol data could give better insight into carer stress patterns.