Dr Joanna Lemanska

Senior Lecturer

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

Department:Department of Vision and Hearing Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Joanna’s expertise areas are diagnosing hearing losses including dead regions in the cochlea and auditory evoked potentials.



Joanna’s fascination with hearing research started while studying for her MSc degree in Physics at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. After she successfully completed the MSc, she started a PhD in Psychoacoustics. Her PhD research concerned the concept of a modulation filter bank in the auditory system. Additionally to her PhD research she was involved in research concerning speech perception and methods for diagnosing dead regions.

Since 2009 to 2011 she was working as a research assistant at the University of Manchester at the project concerning the development of an objective method for diagnosing dead regions in the cochlea.  To broaden her clinical experience and to obtain clinical qualifications she completed Postgraduate Diploma in Audiology at the University of Manchester followed by the one year placement at the Withington Community Hospital in Manchester. For next two years she was working as an audiologist and hearing aid dispenser for Specsavers. Joanna joined Anglia Ruskin University as a lecturer in audiology in May 2015.

Research interests

  • Dead regions in the cochlea
  • Tinnitus
  • Electrophysiological methods for assessing auditory functions


Foundation Degree in Hearing Aid Audiology

BSc (Hons) Hearing Sciences (Top-Up)


  • Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology, The University of Manchester
  • PgDip in Audiology, The University of Manchester
  • PhD in Physics /spec. Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Hearing Research/, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • MSc in Physics / spec. Acoustics/, Adam Mickiewicz University
  • HCPC Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

Collaboration with Dr Karolina Kluk–de Kort from the University of Manchester

Selected recent publications

Kutzner, D., Lemanska, J., Sek, A. 2005. Detection of the asynchronity. of the amplitude modulation, Archives of Acoustics, 291-307.

Lemanska, J., Sek, A., Rybicka, W. 2003. Masking in amplitude modulation rate domain, Archives of Acoustics, 181-189.

Lemanska, J., Sek, A., Skrodzka, E. 2003. The modulation Filter Bank Concept in the Auditory System Model, Structures – Waves – Human Health, Selected Works, Cracow, p. 81 – 100.

Lemanska, J., Sek, A., Skrodzka, E. 2002. Discrimination of the amplitude modulation rate, Archives of Acoustics, 3-21.

Recent presentations and conferences

Kluk, K., Wilding, T., Lemanska, J., McKay, C., Picton, T., John, S. , Moore, B. C. J., 2011. Using auditory steady-state responses to diagnose cochlear dead regions, IERASG 2011, Moscow.

Lemańska, Kluk, K, 2010. Masking effect of threshold equalizing noise on the amplitude of auditory steady-state responses for normal hearing subjects., BSA Conference 2010, Manchester.