Professor Emanuele Giovannetti


Faculty:Faculty of Business and Law

Department:School of Economics, Finance and Law

Location: Cambridge

Areas of Expertise: Business, management and leadership , Economics

Emanuele’s research focuses on competition policy in network industries, on the Internet sector, on the digital divide, on adoption and diffusion of new technologies and on regional economic asymmetries.


Emanuele is currently a Member of the International Telecommunications Union expert academic group on ICTs for Sustainable Development Goals (ICT4SDGs).   Before joining Anglia Ruskin University, Emanuele was Economic Advisor for the Chief Economist at the Office of Fair Trading, where he drafted the UK contribution to the revision of the EU vertical agreement regulations. He was also Associate Professor in Economics, University of Cape Town and University of Verona. Emanuele also worked for seven years at the University of Cambridge.  When he left he was Senior Research Associate and Project Coordinator of the EU-IST FP7 CoCombine project on the economics of the Internet. Emanuele also lectured in Economics at Churchill College and Trinity College, University of Cambridge.

Emanuele published in leading academic journals including:

The Economic Journal, Environment and Planning A, International Economic Review, International Journal of Forecasting,  International Journal of Industrial Organization, Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Production Economics, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Journal of Economic Surveys, Information Economic and Policy, Spatial Economic Analysis, Metroeconomica, Economic Notes, European Competition Journal,  Fordham International Law Journal, Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society,  Journal of Competition Law and Economics, Telecommunication Policy  and the Review of Network Economics.

He edited the special issue of Telecommunications Policy on “Peering and Roaming in the Internet” and co-edited the books "The Internet Revolution: A Global Perspective" for Cambridge University Press and “Agglomeration and New Technologies: a Global Perspective” and “Information Technology Policy and the Digital Divide: Lessons for Developing Countries”, for Edward Elgar Publishing.

Research interests

  • Diffusion of ICT
  • Digital Divide
  • Internet market structure
  • Economics of Networks
  • Regional Asymmetries
  • Economic geography
  • R&D and Spillovers

Emanuele is currently working on different but interrelated areas in the economics of networks. His current research explores original datasets on Mobile Internet connectivity in developing countries, using them to explore empirically the presence of market power. Emanuele is also researching on the drivers of diffusion for Mobile Social Networking and on the role of network externalities. This links to Emanuele’s research on technology adoptions and on regional asymmetries, due to uneven adoptions. Emanuele also focuses on competition policy, in particular on network industries and on vertical restraints. Emanuele is also researching the use of Social Network Theory to capture complex strategic interaction.

Areas of research supervision

  • Technological Forecasting
  • Economics of Networks
  • R&D Spillovers and Innovation
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Digital Divide and access to the Internet
  • Crowd-funding 


In the last two decades, Emanuele has been teaching at the University of Cambridge, University of Rome, University of Cape Town, University of La Tuscia, University of Verona and at Anglia Ruskin University. His main areas of teaching are: Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Business Economics and Applied Game Theory. 


  • Italian National Scientific Qualifications as Full Professor in “Economics” (January  2014)
  • Italian National Scientific Qualifications as Full Professor in “Applied Economics” and “Economic Policy” (December 2013)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Since September 2011)
  • Ph.D in Economics, Trinity College, University of Cambridge. 1997
  • “Research Doctorate” in Economics, University of Rome "La Sapienza", 1994
  • MPhil in Economics, Trinity College University of Cambridge 1991
  • “Laurea”, cum laude, in Statistics and Economics University of Rome “La Sapienza”, 1990

Memberships, editorial boards

  • Member of the Secure Access Community of Trusted Researchers, UK Data Services
  • Royal Economic Society
  • International Telecommunications Society
  • International Institute of Forecasters
  • Alumni Trinity College, University of Cambridge 

Research grants, consultancy, knowledge exchange

March 2014. Co-principal Investigator for the project “The interaction of ICT networks structure and downstream trade flows: two case studies from India”, funded by the UK and India Research and Education Initiative (UKIERI) (£39,000)

August 2013- May 2014. Principal investigator for the project “Investigating external and private benefits from investments in skills & training: UK innovators study” funded by the UK Department for Business Innovations and Skills, (£63,000)

May 2012. PhD Scholarship Supervisor (£ 45,000 plus paid  fees)  Three years of full PhD funding awarded by the Institute for International Management Practice for a thesis titled: “Entrepreneurship in the Developing Nations: entry, survival and exit. An application to the case of internet service providers” supervisors Dr. Emanuele Giovannetti & Prof. Marco Vivarelli (Catholic University of Milan)

February 2009. Economic Research Southern Africa (ZAR: 60,000 (circa £5000)) Research Grant for the publication of the paper “Asymmetry and discrimination in internet peering: evidence from the LINX” on the International Journal of Industrial Organization, Grant amount

April 2003- March 2006. Principal Investigator & Research Coordinator (euros: 660,000) EU FP6- IST, Specific Support Action “Competition contents and broadband for the Internet in Europe”  EU Project contribution.

April 2003- March 2005. Project Writer and Research Associate (£25,000).Isaac Newton Trust Award for the project “Price comparison sites and competition: the Internet Connectivity market”. The award from The Isaac Newton Trust was granted as co-funding with the  project “Competition, Contents and Broadband for the Internet in Europe” (CoCombine), an EU 6th Framework Programme.

April 2000-March 2003.Research Associate (£316,587.54).ESRC Project on “Efficient and Sustainable Regulation and Competition in Network Industries” Grant holder Professor D. Newbery.

January 1999-March 2000. Post-doctoral Fellow. One year fully paid “Alcatel Bell”   Post-Doctoral Fellowship, at the Centre For Communication Systems Research, University of Cambridge on the Project on “A Business Model for the Internet”

Economic Advisor, Chief Economist’s Office, Office of Fair Trading, London, United Kingdom, 2008-2011

Chief Economic Witness for the South African Competition Commission for the Telkom-BCX merger, 2006

Africa Development Network consulting for a submission to the South African Competition Commission on: Competition in Banking Interchange fees. 2006

Word Bank on a project on “Analytical Study of Trade Liberalization in the Telecommunications Sector”, 2003

Japanese External Trade Organization, Institute of Developing Economies. UK Team Leader for the research projects on -“A New Trend in the international Division of Labour The Influence and Issue of Information Technology for Developing Countries”, and -“Information Technology (IT). From Hierarchical to Network Globalization. 2000-2003

International Telecommunications Union, (ITU): Research on the effects of peering for the ITU Study Group 3 on International Internet Connectivity (Recommendation D.50), 2003

Member of the Expert Group for The United Kingdom Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, contributing to the Report on “Electronic Networks Challenges for the Next Decade”. 2002

CONSIP, Italian Public Procurement Agency, procurement on data warehouses for the Public Administration.

Selected recent publications

Davies, W. E. and Giovanetti, E. (2018). Signalling experience & reciprocity to temper asymmetric information in crowdfunding evidence from 10,000 projects. Technological Forecasting and Social Change (3ABS). In press.
This is available on the link

Giovannetti, E. and Piga, C. (2017) “The Contrasting Effects of Active and Passive Cooperation on Innovation and Productivity: Evidence from British Local Innovation Networks”, International Journal of Production Economics (3* ABS, Impact factor 2.7 ). in press.

Derbyshire, J. and Giovannetti, E. (2017) “Understanding the failure to understand New Product Development failure: Mitigating the uncertainty associated with innovating new products by combining scenario planning and forecasting”, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, in press, (3* ABS, Impact factor 2.7 ).

D'Ignazio, A. and Giovannetti E. (2015) “Predicting Internet Commercial Connectivity Wars: the Impact of Trust and Operators Asymmetry” International Journal of Forecasting Volume 31, Issue 4, October–December 2015, Pages 1127–1137. (3* ABS , Impact Factor: 1.49).

Scaglione, M. Giovannetti, E. and Hamoudia, M. (2015) “The Diffusion of Mobile Social Networking: Exploring Adoption Externalities in Four G7 Countries” International Journal of Forecasting, October–December 2015, Pages 1159–1170 (3* ABS Impact Factor: 1.49).

Giovannetti, E. and Sigloch S. (2015) An “Internet Periphery Study: Network Centrality and Clustering for Mobile Access in Bhutan.” Telecommunications Policy, Volume 39, Issue 7, August 2015, Pages 608–622 (1* ABS, ISI 5 years Impact Factor: 1.506).

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E. (2014) Continental Differences in the Clusters of Integration: Empirical Evidence from the Digital Commodities Global Supply Chain Networks International Journal of Production Economics, (3* ABS, Impact factor 2.7)147-B, pp 486–497.

Giovannetti, E. and Magazzini, L., (2013) Resale Price Maintenance: An Empirical Analysis of UK Firms’ Compliance. The Economic Journal, (4* ABS, Impact Factor: 2.336) 123-572, pp F582–F595.

Giovannetti, E. (2013) Catching Up, Leapfrogging or Forging ahead? Exploring the Effects of Integration and History on Spatial Technological Adoptions. Environment and Planning A. (4* ABS, Impact Factor: 1.69) 45(4), pp. 930 – 946.

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Recent presentations and conferences

Giovannetti, E. and Piga, C., 2014. Predicting the Introduction of New Technologies in the UK: the role of ICT investment and Innovation Spillovers. 34th International Symposium on Forecasting - Economic Forecasting Past, Present and Future, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Giovannetti, E. and Piga, C., 2014. Innovation spillovers in the UK: Complements or substitutes for the introduction of new technologies? 25th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunications Society, Brussels, Belgium.

Giovannetti, E. and Piga, C., 2014. Predicting the Introduction of New Technologies in the UK: the role of ICT investment and Innovation Spillovers. 12th International Institute of Forecasters' Workshop on "Theory and Practice in ICT Forecasting" , Hilton London Olympia, London, UK

Giovannetti, E., Sigloch, S. and  Fennell, S., 2013. The interaction of ICT networks structure and downstream trade flows: Bhutan and India.  24th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunications Society, Florence, Italy.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2013. Internet Connectivity Wars: The Impact of Providers' Asymmetry and Mutual Trust. 40th Annual Conference Of The European Association For Research In Industrial Economics, Évora, Portugal.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2013. Internet Connectivity Wars: The Impact of Providers' Asymmetry and Mutual Trust. 8th International Conference on Competition and Regulation (CRESSE) - Advances in the Analysis of Competition Policy and Regulation, Corfu, Greece.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2013. Trust and Information in Internet Connectivity Cycles: A Game theoretic Approach. 26th EURO-INFORMS ('Association of European Operational Research Societies' within IFORS, the 'International Federation of Operational Research Societies') Conference, Rome, Italy.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2013. Internet Connectivity Wars: The Impact Of Mutual Trust And Providers Asymmetry. The 33rd International Symposium on Forecasting: Forecasting with Big Data, International Institute of Forecasters, KAIST College of Business, Seoul, Korea.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2013. Internet Access: the Role of Asymmetry and Trust in Explaining Connectivity Cycles. 47th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economic Association, HEC Montréal, Canada.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2013. Internet Attractors and Repellors: the Role of Asymmetry and Trust in Explaining Connectivity Cycles. 1st International Conference on Internet Science organized by the EINS project, the FP7 European Network of Excellence in Internet Science with the support of the European Commission DG CONNECT at the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels, Belgium.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2013. Attractors and Repellors: a Game Theoretic interpretation of the cycles in provider-customer relations. The Pacific Telecommunications Council 2013 conference on Capacity, Capability, Collaboration, Honolulu, USA.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2012. Clustering, Connectivity and Hierarchies in the Internet Global Supply Chain Networks, 23rd European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunication Society, Vienna, Austria.

D'Ignazio A. and Giovannetti E., 2012. Clustering, Connectivity and Power laws: Useful Tools for Assessing Market Structure of the European Internet? 2012 Second International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering (ICEICE) Lushan, China.

Media experience

Cited by the Times Higher Education: 20 new ideas from UK universities that will change the world.