Parents - ARU needs you

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Get involved in our new parents information service

Are you a parent or guardian whose child has studied or is currently studying at university?

Are you able to spare a small amount of time to support the development of a dedicated information and support hub for parents/guardians whose children are considering applying for an undergraduate course at university?

This project will help ARU develop a clearer understanding of the parent journey enabling us to support parents/guardians through this important time in their child’s life. Assisting them in making key decisions from when their child starts to explore their options around Higher Education (HE) all the way through their studies, to graduation and beyond.

We acknowledge that some of the most valuable advice parents/guardians can access is from other parents/guardians who have already been through the application process or who have had experience of HE. This is why this information service requires essential input from parents/guardians of undergraduate students and graduates around their experiences.

Going to university is a big, life-changing step for parents/guardians and their sons and daughters. With over 37,000 courses offered at over 370 universities and colleges in the UK, we also appreciate how difficult and confusing it can be to make the right decisions. Therefore as a parent/guardian to offer advice and support based on your own experiences is invaluable to other parents/guardians.

Your information matters however big or small and a little bit of information may make a big difference to other parents/guardians, so if you can spare some time and would like to be involved in helping to shape the future of the Outreach and Recruitment’s parent hub, please email