Youngsters in tune for public art project

Published: 29 January 2015 at 11:00

Nursery pupils use Anglia Ruskin recording studios to form part of artist’s work

Pupils from Brunswick Nursery School visited Anglia Ruskin University’s recording studios to put their voices to a unique public art project in Cambridge.

I’m Laughing At Clouds, a project by London-based artist Michael Pinsky, will see nine “tactile” columns placed outside Anglia Ruskin’s building in Young Street, Cambridge. When touched, these columns will detect the heartbeat of participants and convert the readings into a composition of light and sound.

As visitors touch the sensors a child’s voice will sing a note, then at the point the heartbeat is registered the note will follow the rhythm of the heartbeat. Both the illumination and the sound will get progressively softer until they both drift away completely, only to be reignited by the sensor being touched again.

Approximately 80 children from Brunswick Nursery School in Cambridge came into Anglia Ruskin’s Mellish Clark studios during January to sing notes to provide the sounds to be emitted by the column.

Dr Akin Oluwatudimu, Assistant Director (Projects) in Estates and Facilities at Anglia Ruskin, said:

“This initiative is an important part of the redevelopment of our Young Street facilities. We take pride in community involvement and have built a very positive relationship with the nursery school inviting the children and staff to the site and to participate in this artwork."

“We’ve really enjoyed developing this innovative piece of public art.”

The work is expected to be completed this summer. For more information on Michael Pinsky’s work, visit