Young Essex scientists given task of "Engineering our Future"

Published: 3 March 2011 at 13:37

Chelmsford Engineering Society and Anglia Ruskin University team up for schools’ event

Anglia Ruskin University is hosting a special event for budding young scientists and engineers in Chelmsford on 9 March (4-8pm).  The “Engineering our Future” evening, which is being run by the Chelmsford Engineering Society, is expected to attract around 150 Year 11 pupils from schools across the area.

The interactive presentations and exhibitions will bring out the key science and engineering elements underpinning areas of interest for secondary school pupils. A number of local manufacturers will be displaying their products, including satellite technology and night vision goggles, and staff from Anglia Ruskin’s Faculty of Science & Technology will be on hand to discuss the range of courses on offer.

Among the speakers from companies such as BAE Systems, Visteon, E2V and Finmeccanica, will be Robin Cordell, the Principal Engineer at Atkins Global, who was responsible for installing the variable speed limit system on the M4.

The event, called “Science and Engineering in Transport”, is being developed and managed by young graduates to maximise the appeal to students, and the evening will end with a free pizza buffet. ExploreSTEM Essex is also a key supporter and promoter of the event.

The Chelmsford Engineering Society has previously held events focusing on the influence of science on sport and music, and President Vic Leverett said:

“Within the Society we are passionate about the role of science and engineering in our region and are looking to support further activities in this area.  We believe it is vital to encourage schoolchildren at a young age into this field as they become the future specialists that the country will need to maintain, and hopefully improve, its relative position in the world.

“There will be expertise on hand regarding technical apprenticeship programmes for engineering and science. As well as graduates, Chelmsford Engineering Society members and Anglia Ruskin staff, a variety of local companies will be there to give practical advice about the opportunities of pursuing either a university course or apprenticeship, and subsequent employment.”

Marc Rothera, the Education Liaison Officer at Anglia Ruskin, said:

“Working with the Chelmsford Engineering Society is a really positive experience for Anglia Ruskin University.  The events we run together give students in school a great chance to see the practical benefits of studying a technology or engineering course and also how their hard work can put them on the path to be the innovators, creators and engineers of the future.

“I believe that together Anglia Ruskin University and the Chelmsford Engineering Society can support these students in realising their potential, help them to find the right courses to achieve their goals and ensure that we retain our place at the forefront of technical innovation, design and manufacturing.”

In addition to the “Engineering our Future” evening, the Chelmsford Engineering Society will be supporting Anglia Ruskin’s Uni4U event on 2 April and will be holding its annual Schools’ Engineering and Technology competition at Anglia Ruskin on 1 July.