Wanted: teachers to return to class

Published: 18 April 2006 at 10:38

The Department of Initial Professional Studies with Anglia Ruskin University’s Faculty of Education is widening its drive to increase the teaching workforce by launching a new range of courses specifically designed for those who have trained as teachers but have had a break from teaching. Former teachers considering a return to the classroom are being urged to apply now for a place on Return to Teaching courses starting during October 2006.

Courses are aimed at getting former primary or secondary teachers up to date on the latest changes in schools and helping them polish-up their teaching skills, so they can make a confident return to class. Financial support is on offer with participants entitled to a training bursary of £150 a week, plus support with childcare costs.

More than 12,000 people return to teaching every year. The same number is needed this year to meet the staffing requirements of schools. 

Return to Teaching courses include an update on topics such as learning and assessment, special educational needs, classroom management and the latest curriculum developments; a supported school placement to help refresh practical teaching skills and rebuild classroom confidence; and personal advice on applications and interview skills to help participants secure a teaching job.

Dr Linda Amrane-Cooper, Head of Initial Professional Studies, Faculty of Education, said:

“Return to Teaching courses are designed to help former teachers refresh their skills and knowledge so they can return to school confident they can help every child fulfil their potential.”

Mary Doherty, Director of Teachers’ Programme at the Training and Development Agency said:

“The teaching profession offers people the flexibility and support to easily step back on the career ladder after taking a break. The fact that thousands of people return to teaching each year shows that few other professions offer the same stimulation, challenge and real enjoyment that comes from working with young people.”

“Former teachers considering their career options will be pleasantly surprised by the way schools have changed and what teaching can now offer. With improved pay and career opportunities, increased support from more teaching assistants and help with administrative tasks, now is the time to return to teaching.”

With Government policy firmly aimed at changing the nature of schools, through the White Paper, Every Child Matters and the Children’s Workforce Reforms, teaching is a rapidly changing and developing career. The Faculty of Education is involved in shaping the educational professionals of the future and the Return to Teaching course forms part of its strategy to meet local and National training needs.