Tom's passion for languages leads to Anglia Ruskin Business Award

Published: 16 October 2009 at 12:04

University education facilitates international lifestyle led to successful language translation agency

Tom Bool, a former student of European Business at Anglia Ruskin University, has been selected as the winner of the 2009 Alumni Success in Business Award.

During his BA (Hons) European Business degree at Anglia Ruskin, which he completed in 2006, Tom Bool discovered a taste for an international lifestyle, and a passion for languages.  Spending close to two years in France between university in Clermont Ferrand and various work placements and jobs, Tom developed his French to near native fluency and immediately set about improving his Spanish too.  After qualifying as an English teacher in Spain, he cultivated his interest in languages further still.  Today, Tom is the Managing Director of his own language translation agency.

Commenting on his selection for the award, Tom said:

“I’m absolutely delighted to have won this award, and I would like to thank the board for their kind judgment. Business ownership has allowed me grow as a person, to travel, to meet fascinating people and to achieve a whole host of my personal ambitions. I hope that this award will be a motivation to other graduating students to take chances, seize opportunities and not to be discouraged by the cold front of today’s tough job market.”

Before setting up his own company, Tom, 29, worked in many different jobs, viewing each company as a learning experience.  He took note of their markets and the way they operated, seeing what worked, slowly developing his own model, and crystallising his idea of how we felt he would like to do business. It took him around six months to set up a group of contacts through which he could offer translations in 20 languages, it was at this point that he set up the business.

The result was Integro Languages, a translation agency based in Norwich providing translation and interpretation services in discerning niche-markets.  With the daily support of a bank of hundreds of translators, the company handles documents in over 150 languages and works with a wide range of clients in both the public and private sector. 

Having increased his customer base to include international clients, Tom has now dramatically increased his customer service team, and a year ago launched Integro Languages France, the company’s first overseas office, as well as expanding to offer Braille transcription, Telephone Interpretation Services and even more language translation options. 

Tom is about to launch a new stream of business, Indegro Languages on Call, which is a telephone interpreting service.   The service will aim to connect anyone with an interpreter within just one minute.  The idea is that people get access to instant translation services, helping to get them out of many of the daily challenges of business. 

Tom sees this as a natural development of the business, which is based on the simple idea of helping people to understand each other for business or personal reasons.

Tom was selected for the 2009 Alumni Success in Business Award for his drive to set up a business so soon after graduation, his ability to make a success of it and his follow-on move to expand the business internationally.