Tireless conservationist brings 'Reason for Hope' talk to Anglia Ruskin University

Published: 16 November 2007 at 11:27

One of the world's most admired women – acclaimed scientist and conservationist, Dame of the British Empire (DBE) Dr Jane Goodall - is visiting Anglia Ruskin University on December 4 for a talk entitled 'Reason for Hope'. The event, which will be followed by a book signing, will be staged at the Mumford Theatre at 12am.

In 1960, when young Jane Goodall ventured into Tanzania's Gombe Stream Reserve, the world knew little about the behaviour of chimpanzees in the wild. Since then, her pioneering work, which shed new light on human evolutionary development, has been acknowledged as one of the world's great scientific achievements.

Her book (published in 1999) and talk REASON FOR HOPE bring together the many experiences that have shaped her outlook on life and show how her scientific studies have been inspired by her deepest moral and spiritual beliefs Goodall's beliefs have led her since the 1980's to become an environmental activitist and start a new career -  campaigning tirelessly, literally living out of a suitcase, on behalf of reforestation, improved conditions for captive chimps, and Roots & Shoots, her international environmental and humanitarian program for youth.

Dr Goodall said:

“Every individual matters, human and non-human alike. Only if we understand can we care. Only if we care will we understand.”

Goodall created Roots & Shoots, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute, to foster respect for all living creatures and to help young people learn how to improve their communities.

At Anglia Ruskin University a student-lead Roots & Shoots Society has been active since 2004, campaigning for recycling awareness on campus, the university's achieved Fairtrade Status, organizing talks on animal welfare, collecting clothing, food and raising funds for homeless people in Cambridge.

For more information visit www.anglia.ac.uk or www.janegoodall.org.uk