Sports science team help prepare student for cross channel swim

Published: 19 July 2006 at 13:33

Anglia Ruskin University’s sports science team is helping student Edward Williams to prepare for his forthcoming Cross Channel swim in aid of the Prostate Cancer charity.

The objective of the team is to give Edward the sports science back up he needs to be successful in his worthy endeavour.

In the weeks ahead, Edward will be put through his paces in the laboratory with a series of scientific evaluations including: cardio-respiratory fitness testing, body composition determination, daily diet formulation and energy intake requirement, energy expenditure during swimming calculation and Thermoregulation and hydration status during swimming estimation.

The feedback from the Anglia Ruskin team’s monitoring process will enable Edward to scientifically optimise his training and nutritional requirements in the build-up to his big challenge.

Edward plans to set off to swim the 23.69 miles from Folkestone to Calais on 14 August in order to take advantage of the favourable tides. His performance will be scientifically monitored whilst he is in the water by the team from Anglia Ruskin University in order to give him the best possible chance of success.

The Sports Science team is made up of Adrian Scruton, Dan Gordon, Roy Luckhurst, Dr Don Keiller, Nathan Thompson, Kjell van Paridon and Dr Monèm Jemni.

“We want to give Edward every chance of success and that comes from a thorough knowledge of how Sports Science can help improve human performance”

says Dr Monem Jemni the team performance director.

Edward is an accomplished swimmer. He has been planning the swim since he was 14-years old. Last year he was the fastest 19-year old featuring in the National Masters Championship in Sheffield in the 200m backstroke and 50m butterfly.

Edward is living in Cambridge but is originally from Bedfordshire, where he was the youngest ever Captain of St Neots Swans swimming club at the age of 14.

Anglia Ruskin University is one of the many sponsors helping Edward to raise money through his challenge.  Anyone can help Edward in his bid to raise money for the struggle against prostrate cancer. Please sponsor Edward’s swim at