Sexual abuse - tackling the difficult questions

Published: 4 November 2014 at 11:57

Leading psychologist Dr Nina Burrowes to deliver public talk at Anglia Ruskin

Dr Nina Burrowes, one of the UK’s leading psychologists specialising in rape and sexual abuse, will deliver a free public talk at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge on Thursday, 13 November (6-8pm).

In 2012 Dr Burrowes published the ground-breaking report Responding to the challenge of rape myths in court: a guide for prosecutors, which is now used to help train prosecutors and investigators of rape cases throughout the UK.

Having previously conducted research for HM Prison Service, including an evaluation of the world’s first Social Impact Bond (SIB) at HMP Peterborough, Dr Burrowes now works as an independent consultant and author.

During her talk in Cambridge, hosted by Anglia Ruskin’s Criminology department, Dr Burrowes will discuss themes covered by her recent online video series Sexual abuse – The questions you’ve never had the chance to ask and her new book The courage to be me.

These include tackling the questions “how do we keep our kids safe from sexual abuse?”, “why don’t victims of abuse report the crimes?” and “why is it easy for sex offenders to get away with their offence?”

Dr Burrowes said:

“Sexual abuse is frightening and confusing,”

“Most people who have experienced some form of sexual abuse don’t report it to the police and they don’t access support services.
“We rarely talk about life after sexual abuse – and yet it’s a story that is lived out on most of our streets.  Our silence about the issue makes life after abuse much harder for victims.
“I find that if you give people the chance to ask questions many people have many questions that so far have gone unanswered.”

Entry to the talk, on Anglia Ruskin’s East Road campus, is free.  To reserve your place, please visit