Riprap Poetry Collective brings its special vibe to Chelmsford

Published: 7 January 2009 at 10:39

Musicians work with poets to create their own unique brand of lyrical space

A group of Cambridge musicians and writers from Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge University will showcase their very own version of poetry set to music on 10 February, at 8.00pm at the Cramphorn Theatre, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford.

Kevin Flanagan, Grevel Lindorp, Malcolm Guite, Dave Gordon, Russ Morgan and Andy Brown will make up the Riprap Poetry Collective who in simple terms ‘take the rip out of rap’ for the enjoyment of audiences at top venues throughout the UK.

The group was formed 5 years by the members who were interested in exploring possible combinations of music, text and improvisation, with the joyous freedom that typified the early period of the original Beats. This has now become a collective of musicians and poets, including regular performers Kevin Flanagan, Dave Gordon, Andrew Brown, Russ Morgan and the poet Malcolm Guite. Contributing poets complete the line up.

The Riprap Quartet has performed in venues such as the Royal Festival Hall for National Poetry Day, West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, Essex University, Anglia Ruskin University, Boxford Jazz Club, Brighton Jazz Club, and been broadcast by the BBC World Service. They have also just released a first CD which features compositions by the band setting the works of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gary Snyder.

Kevin Flanagan said:

“It was once commonplace for there to be an exchange of ideas between poets and musicians; text didn’t always need to be subsumed into song lyrics. The rhythmic implications of each genre would coexist, clash and augment the performance event. Moreover, this exchange was a porous borderland in which the disciplines came away animated by the other. The structures of each serve to constantly push the other to show something anew. The individual poets step carefully across the intersections of deep grooves, skirting an abyss that evaporates. We are those guys.”


Admission £8

Concessions £6

Available from the Cramphorn Theatre Box Office: 01245 606505