RAG Society prepares to break 5 world records while Making Whoopee

Published: 12 April 2006 at 10:48

Anglia Ruskin University’s Rag Society (Raise And Give) is hosting an epic event on Sunday 28 May 2006. The event, to be held on Parker’s Piece in Cambridge is aiming to attract 10, 000 people to break 5 World Records, all for charity.

The world record attempts include the most number of children’s faces painted within an hour, the largest Twist dance, the largest Macarena Dance, the most number of people wearing Groucho Marx masks in one place and – the major event of the day – the simultaneous deflation of whoopee cushions. Involving everyone on the day, they aim to smash the current record of 3614.

Dr Paul McHugh, Director of Student Affairs at Anglia Ruskin University, said:

“Anglia Ruskin University is fully supportive of our RAG Society's determination to break five world records in one day. It promises to be a terrific event. We hope that the whole university community will be turning out on 28 May to help make whoopee."

The event hopes to raise £50,000 from the day with the majority of the proceeds going to Cancer Research UK and East Anglia Children’s Hospice. The remainder of the money raised will go to four other national charities.

This is the biggest community event that Anglia Ruskin University has ever seen and has got the full backing from Cambridge City Council, combined with the support and generous sponsorship of Anglia Ruskin University.

Sarah Spenser, President of Anglia Ruskin Students Union added:

“It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to be involved in such a prestigious and fun project. A World Record attempt is sure to appeal to everyone, young and old, and it’s all for charity.”