Quality leap for Anglia Ruskin-trained health and social care inspectors

Published: 9 March 2006 at 13:56

Anglia Ruskin University's professional qualification for health and social care inspectors in Scotland, delivered by the Institute of Health and Social Care, has taken a further step forward in its value for qualifying students.

The Regulation of Care Award (Scotland), known affectionately to students and staff as ROCA, is the qualifying award for inspectors working for the health and social care regulator for Scotland - the Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care. 

Recently the Regulation of Care Award was successful in gaining level and credit recognition from the Scottish Qualifications Authority. It is now a part of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework enabling students to enhance their qualification by using the Anglia Ruskin award alongside those from other Scottish Higher Education Institutions and eventually European credit systems.

A further milestone is that Anglia Ruskin is the first non-Scottish university to be a part of the new Scottish Qualifications framework. 

Undertaken over one year, the Regulation of Care Award is delivered through a mix of WebCT and open learning texts. Face to face learning sets take place in four locations in Scotland facilitated by locally based Anglia Ruskin tutors. The programme is administered through the Department of Primary Care, Public Health and Social Policy based at Anglia Ruskin's Cambridge campus.

Inspectors studying on ROCA will have to undergo a range of practice assessments, including inspections, and be examined on inspection techniques and on theories of quality. 

An English equivalent of the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, the Framework for Achievement, is planned to begin operating in the next two years and will articulate with the SCQF (the Wales and Northern Ireland equivalents) and facilitate credit transfers with European systems.