Prize winning Carrie graduates with flying colours

Published: 7 November 2008 at 11:41

Student connects with psychology and aims to work within education.

Carrie Munroe joined Anglia Ruskin University after she realised that the course she was on at another university was not the right course for her.  She decided that she wanted to study psychology as she had really enjoyed it at A level so she came to Anglia Ruskin University where the right course was available and was immediately ‘hooked’ on the subject .   

Now three years on, she has graduated from the University, not only with a first class BSc (Hons) Psychology degree but also with the British Psychological Society undergraduate prize, both awarded at the same ceremony.

As Carrie explains, she started the degree with great enthusiasm:

“I was highly motivated from the start as I was so pleased to find a subject that I found interesting and could connect with. I got mostly 2:1's in my first year and then got a few firsts in my second year. I worked very hard on my coursework and exams, but had no idea whether I could get a first or not overall. Being the first person from my family to attend university, I didn't really have an idea of what grade to expect.”

In her third year, Carrie worked really hard to make sure she continued getting firsts and started to believe that she might be capable of getting a first overall.  It was her sheer drive that made her a top student. She continues:

“I tried to go beyond the lecture material and the recommended reading to make links to other areas such as philosophy and found this really interesting. I just felt very passionate about the subject and in particular my dissertation subject. I really enjoyed the independence of conducting research and writing up such a large piece of work.”

Towards the end of her degree, Carrie started working with children with autism and developed an interest in educational psychology. Now she is working as a teaching assistant with a child with special educational needs.

It is her hope to work within educational psychology in the future.