New strategy enables local health and social care students to realise university dream

Published: 11 August 2008 at 13:19

University and colleges agree to new health and social care progression accords

Anglia Ruskin University is introducing new Progression Accords between its Faculty of Health & Social Care (FHSC) and local Colleges of Further Education throughout Essex and Cambridgeshire. The announcement has been made in the run up to the Faculty’s next Open Day, in October, which will see students from local colleges visit the new state of the art facilities at the William Harvey Building, Rivermead Campus, Chelmsford, to get a taste for the many health and social care courses available.

The accords have been brokered by MOVE, the Lifelong Learning Network for the East of England. MOVE works in partnership with Universities, Colleges, Sector Skills Councils, Employers and other agencies to develop a wider range of opportunities for learners to gain entry to Higher Education within the East of England region. This means establishing better links between Universities, Colleges and employers to create flexible opportunities for learners to progress to higher education from further education or through work based routes. The Progression Accord provides the formal framework for that link.

Jan Hancock, the MOVE co-ordinator, is convinced of the value of the new MOVE initiative. She says:

“The partnerships that have come together across Essex and Cambridgeshire are truly impressive.  I believe they will give great opportunities for people to access higher education in a way that best suits their learning needs.”

“It will help people who currently find it difficult to follow a career in health and social care and increase the number of sector specific workers our patients need.”

MOVE Lifelong Learners include

  • Learners with vocational qualifications at Further Education level 3 – for example those who have studied BTEC National courses
  • Learners qualifying via work-based learning routes – for example where previous work experience meets Higher Education entry requirements
  • Return to study learners (waged and unwaged) seeking entry into vocational programmes either directly or through Access to Higher Education Courses

Representatives from Colchester Institute, Braintree College, Chelmsford College, SEEVIC and Palmers College will sign Accords with the Faculty of Health & Social Care that will enable students studying vocation courses to progress to professional courses at Anglia Ruskin University. Similar Accords are being set up with Cambridge Regional College, Huntingdon Regional College, Peterborough Regional College, College of West Anglia and Long Road Sixth Form College.

This development will enable the colleges and Anglia Ruskin University to strengthen the relationship between Faculties and Departments. David Humber, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Health & Social Care welcomes the Accords, saying:

"The partnerships that have come together across the region are truly impressive.  This is a great step forward for people who wish to learn more about healthcare and its allied industries."

Ruth Jackson, Associate Dean Academic & Partnership Development, also awaits the Accords, in anticipation, saying:

“Our faculty is committed to engaging with schools and colleges across the region and securing access for local students to our wide range of health and social care provision.”

Stewart Thomson, MOVE Director for Health and Social Care said:

"MOVE is delighted to see these Progression Accords being signed. The strengthening of relationships between the Faculty and the region’s colleges will enable more students to progress onto Higher Education courses and to develop their careers in the area of health and social care and provide skilled carers for the people of the region".

The Faculty of Health & Social Care at Anglia Ruskin University has a purposeful and dynamic vision to improve the health and social care of the individuals and communities of Cambridgeshire and Essex through high quality education, research and consultancy.  It offers a wide range of courses including Nursing and Midwifery, and Primary and Social Care. With over 8,000 students, and a budget of over £28m, it is now the largest graduate provider of health education in the East of England.

The forthcoming Open Day at Anglia Ruskin University is on 11 October. It is open to anyone interested in further education study, and members of their family, from 10.00am until 3.00pm.  For further information call 0845 271 3333 or visit