New Professor looks at the future of literature in our emerging digital economy

Published: 26 October 2010 at 09:36

New Professor will also be head of English, Communication, Film and Media

Anglia Ruskin University has appointed Professor Jeff Wallace as Professor of Literature and Cultural History.

Joining the Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences, Professor Wallace will also take up responsibility as Head of the Department of English, Communication, Film and Media.

Moving from University of Glamorgan, he is excited by the prospect of leading a Department with combined expertise in literary studies, film, media and intercultural communication:

"I am currently very interested in the quality of discussions around the encounter between print and digital cultures, and the subsequent future of what we call literature.’"

"Anglia Ruskin University is the ideal place to take these interests forward as it is already spearheading research into how digital media is challenging print via the set up of the Cultures of the Digital Economy Research Institute."

"I am very enthusiastic about the excellent potential for further collaboration with partners from the entertainment, technological, scientific, arts and the heritage industries."

The Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute is a multidisciplinary initiative at Anglia Ruskin University, based in Cambridge.

It is a network of academics working in media theory and network culture, media archaeology, digital music and video, fine arts, video games, production and performance, serious gaming and digital text, combined with scientific contributions from colleagues involved with design and technology, audio engineering and computer design and animation.

Its key emerging research areas include social media and network policies, digital performance and production, digital humanities and play and serious gaming.

Welcoming Professor Wallace to the Faculty of Arts, Law and Social Sciences, Professor Derrik Ferney, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor said:

"Jeff’s expertise and experience in heading a diverse department, as well as his current research interests, will be a great asset in driving forward the ‘world leading’ research being undertaken by Anglia Ruskin."