New MA is backed by senior business leaders

Published: 30 April 2010 at 15:47

Big welcome for new Cultures and Organisational Leadership programme

Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge is launching a new and innovative MA in Cultures and Organisational Leadership which has backing from a number of high profile business leaders.

The Masters Degree is a unique collaboration between Ashcroft International Business School and the Faculty of Arts, Law & Social Sciences and draws on the skills and knowledge of senior leaders from a range of culturally diverse private and public institutions as well as distinguished subject specialists in international management, intercultural communication, cultural studies, linguistics, law and leadership theory.

Specifically developed in response to the needs and interests expressed by senior leaders in global enterprises who are looking to recruit internationally competent managers, the course has received letters of support from a range of international companies including Bosch and the NHS.

Professor Alan Barrell, Executive Chairman, Health Enterprise East Ltd, and Chairman, East of England NHS Innovation Council describes how the programme meets the needs of an organisation like the NHS:

"The NHS is the third largest employer in the world. 1.2 million people make this service possible and many cultures reside in this wonderful organisation. But the challenge of making the most of all they have to offer is significant; and that is why I am so encouraged to see an entirely new and innovative Masters Programme in Cultures and Organisational Leadership at Anglia Ruskin University. I have often wished for more broadly-based educational programmes dealing with the emerging cultural convergences we see today and to help prepare my executives for the cultural differences, clashes and synergies."

Its focus on the areas of intercultural and transcultural communication, international management and leadership theory combine to create an interdisciplinary programme with real potential value to business leaders.

MA Cultures and Organisational Leadership is currently recruiting for September 2010.

For more information about this innovative and progressive programme please contact Sarah Jones,, 0845 196 2981