Music therapy helping with trauma

Published: 22 October 2007 at 11:50

Psychological trauma is an affliction of the powerless traumatic events overwhelm the ordinary systems of care that give people a sense of control, connection and meaning (psychologist Judith Herman 1992).

A conference at Anglia Ruskin University’s Department of Music and Performing Arts, at East Road in Cambridge, is set to look at how music therapy can aid people suffering from trauma.

The two-day event, on 23 November and 24 November, entitledTrauma: Current Thinking and Practice in Music Therapy is aimed at a diverse audience including those who are affected, or live with those affected, by trauma, and a range of music therapists and professionals from the healthcare sector.

Increasingly, trauma is being recognised as the source of a wide range of pathologies and manifestations of psychological distress. At this conference, music therapists from a number of European countries, including the UK, Israel, Slovenia and Germany, will present work with people who have been traumatised as a result of a range of experiences including war and conflict, abuse, disability, maternal separation, depression and brain injury.

The keynote speaker for the event is Dr Julie Sutton, a clinician-researcher at the Centre for Psychotherapy in Belfast. She has worked as a music therapist in Dublin, London, Mostar, Belfast and Minsk, Belarus.

The full conference fee is £100/£50 (concessions). For further information contact Magda Generalczyk at Anglia Ruskin University on or 0845 196 2080. A full conference schedule is also available at