Midwife wins prestigious award to support further study

Published: 16 June 2010 at 12:16

Rajshree looks to lower intervention rates and campaign for the promotion of ‘normal’ childbirth

A postgraduate Midwifery student from the Faculty of Health & Social Care, Anglia Ruskin University has been awarded £1000 towards her tuition fees.

Rajshree Singh Seewoosurran, an MSc Advanced Midwifery Practice student, from

Basildon, has been awarded the money from the Iolanthe Educational Trust. The Trust is a registered charity whose aim is to promote and improve the care of mothers, babies and families through awarding grants and fellowships in support of midwifery education, practice and research.  The money raised from the sale of a property – Iolanthe House - provides an annual income that enables the Trust to bestow a range of grants and awards.

For the last 25 years the Iolanthe Midwifery Trust has helped more than 300 midwives develop and broaden their skills and knowledge through bursaries, fellowships and special awards

Rajshree completed a BSc Midwifery course in September 2007 at Anglia Ruskin University and has since been working as a registered midwife at Basildon Hospital.  Ever since completing her degree she has always looked at further study.  She says,

"At the present time, there is concern for the high intervention rates in childbirth which takes place in a biomedical context, and I wish to join in the campaign for promoting ‘normal’ childbirth. "

"Childbirth is taking place in hospital delivery suites where the 'normal' birth can include use of pharmacological pain relief such as an epidural, and the use of continuous cardiotocograph monitoring, with women attached to monitors, drips, indwelling catheters and consequently being immobilised. How can we expect the normal physiology of childbirth to take its course with all these interferences? Midwives need to support women using their interpersonal and midwifery skills while giving women back the confidence to trust their bodies to give birth without unnecessary technical support."

"I am strongly motivated and committed to move midwifery forward in England. Hence, I chose to enrol on the MSc Advanced Midwifery Practice. I believe that gaining a more in-depth theoretical understanding will enhance my practical orientation so I am self funding myself to gain more knowledge in midwifery. I believe that successful completion of this course will open new avenues in the field of midwifery."

Rajshree has been invited to attend the award presentation ceremony held in Cardiff on 23 September 2010. Rajshree will also have her photograph in a future edition of the Royal College of Midwives Journal.

Rajshree continues:

"I am very happy and pleased to win this award; it came as such a surprise to me. I am very thankful to the Iolanthe Trust. This award has taken some pressure off towards finding money to pay the fees for the course as £1,000 is a lot of money for a student."

"I am very grateful to the course leader Dr Trudy Stevens, who informed me of the Iolanthe Trust and encouraged me to apply for the award. Trudy and the midwifery lecturers at Anglia Ruskin University are very dedicated in supporting student midwives."

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