Medical pioneer to receive honorary degree

Published: 18 September 2015 at 10:11

Geoff Sjogren

Decontamination expert held NHS to account over Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease

A healthcare professional who has dedicated his career to improving patient safety through decontamination science will be honoured by Anglia Ruskin University during a graduation ceremony at Peterborough Cathedral.

Geoff Sjogren will receive the Honorary Doctor of Health Sciences award on Tuesday 29 September, when hundreds of students who studied in Peterborough will also receive their degrees.

Geoff is the Decontamination Lead for Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Immediate Past National Chairman of the Institute of Decontamination Sciences (IDSc), which helps share and promote best-practice on medical device decontamination services across public and private healthcare sectors.

Geoff's pioneering work led to a partnership between Anglia Ruskin's Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education and the IDSc to develop the first university-accredited practice-based foundation degree for decontamination sciences.

While studying for an MSc in Medical Device Decontamination, Geoff explored the NHS's apparent failure to properly implement guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence concerning 'Patient safety and reduction of risk of transmission of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease (CJD)'.

Over a 25-year career he has helped drive major improvements in patient safety, helping to introduce a robust education programme and encouraging the wider recognition of formal qualifications in medical device decontamination.

Professor Michael Thorne, Vice Chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University, said: "Geoff has been a compelling ambassador for Anglia Ruskin and has raised our profile both nationally and internationally. By demonstrating how healthcare practitioners can bring about change to enhance patient care and safety, Geoff is an inspirational role model for our students."