Learn on the job with ambulance trust

Published: 1 April 2014 at 11:27

Anglia Ruskin course to place students on the front line with paramedics

ANGLIA Ruskin University is teaming up with an ambulance trust to address the critical nationwide shortage of paramedics.

From September, would-be lifesavers can enrol on a unique degree allowing them to spend the majority of their course on placement within the East of England Ambulance Trust.

The three-year BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science degree being offered at Anglia Ruskin will utilise modern and well-equipped facilities at both Chelmsford and Cambridge. On completion, graduates will enjoy diverse opportunities delivering out of hospital and unscheduled care, from working within the ambulance service to potentially delivering aid from the air as part of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service.

Students will learn practical skills, professional values and be well versed in the biosciences and research studies necessary to become a modern-day paramedic.

Students will gain experience in roles such as third person in an ambulance crew, manning response cars, working in the Trust’s control room, and working with the Hazardous Area Response Team, who respond to incidents such as chemical spills and gas leaks.

The course also includes the opportunity for students to spend time within local hospitals, in emergency departments, operating theatres, coronary care, maternity units and other healthcare settings.

David Brown, Clinical Manager for the Trust, said:

“This course provides a rare opportunity to really make a difference in a field where these skills are urgently needed.
“This hands-on course will produce well-rounded professionals who will be an asset to our out-of-hospital health services. They will spend a lot of time on placements getting on-the-job training, which will be invaluable to them. The opportunity for employment following the course is high given the local and national shortage of paramedics.”

Nigel Henderson, Acting Head of Department, Allied Health and Medicine said:

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with East of England Ambulance Service and hope that this will develop further into providing additional opportunities for collaboration between the trust and Anglia Ruskin University in the development of the service”.

It is anticipated that a high number of applicants for the course will be people who already work in other fields and have always wanted to become paramedics but have not been able to find the time or the right pathway into the career.

Taster events are taking place over the next few months to give potential applicants a flavour of the course. The next one takes place on Friday, April 4 at the Chelmsford campus, and the next event in Cambridge will be held at the new Young Street building on 7 May. Both run from 10am until 1pm. For more information, e-mail morgan.brown@anglia.ac.uk or call 0845 196 4084.