Institute tells the world about veterans' issues

Published: 16 February 2015 at 11:44

Directors invited to California to address first military and veterans research summit

Experts from Anglia Ruskin University have been advising academics and policy makers from America and Israel on issues facing veterans in transition.

Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes and Matt Fossey, Directors of Anglia Ruskin’s Veterans and Families Institute (VFI), presented at the inaugural International Military and Veterans Research Centers Summit in California.

Professor Hacker Hughes discussed the transition from military to civilian life in the UK, while Mr Fossey talked about the problems faced by vulnerable or early service leavers.

Only two UK universities were represented at the event, which brought together international experts from Europe, North America and Israel to encourage collaboration to develop an evidence base to inform practice.

The Directors of the VFI have been identified as subject matter experts in the field of transition from military service to civilian life and will be working closely with Dr Carl Castro and Dr Anthony Hassan from the University of Southern California’s Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Families.

Professor Hacker Hughes said:

“This visit cements the growing relationship between UK and US researchers in the field of military and veteran research. It also complements the work that we are doing at Anglia Ruskin to facilitate collaboration between British researchers working in this specialised and much-needed field.”

The VFI recently launched the Veterans’ Research Hub, which aims to bring together all published research on military veterans.