Histons footballers benefit from top-flight testing

Published: 25 July 2011 at 16:27

Anglia Ruskin provides advanced sports science support to local club

Anglia Ruskin University has joined forces with Histon FC to provide sports science support to their players that would be the envy of any Premier League football club.

The Histon squad, who kick off their Blue Square Bet North campaign on 13 August, will undergo physiological testing and monitoring throughout the season to help them bounce back to the Blue Square Bet Conference at the first attempt.

David Livermore’s team will be subjected to a battery of tests to examine body composition, body fat, sprint speeds, agility, reactive strength and lung function, as well as undergo haematology screening to test their blood.

Roy Luckhurst, Programme Leader for Sport and Exercise Sciences at Anglia Ruskin, said:

“Histon’s management approached us because they were very interested in the benefits of sports science.  My department’s motto is ‘Performance through Science’, so naturally we wanted to provide the best support we could for a local club.

“A scientific approach to training and playing will benefit any player, no matter what league they play in.  Small margins exist between success and failure, so every 1% improvement in performance that can be achieved is vital.

“We are delighted to be able to offer Histon the same quality and depth of sports science support available to Premier League clubs.  Histon’s manager, David Livermore, is keen for his team to play the passing game so we said we would provide the same sports science support as we would have given to Barcelona had they come calling!”

Anglia Ruskin’s scientists held a meeting with the Histon squad earlier this summer and the players have already undergone their first series of tests, which are carried out in Anglia Ruskin’s Sport and Exercise Science labs and Fenner’s sports ground.

“Histon’s captain, Omer Riza, immediately realised the benefit of the regime to the players,”

added Roy Luckhurst. 

“When we spoke to the team, they bought into what we were suggesting, especially when they realised how serious we were about helping to improve their performance.

“The information we provided after the first series of tests showed that Histon’s players were aerobically fitter than they expected at this point of the summer.  This meant they could tailor their pre-season training to the level of fitness the players were actually at rather than guessing and wasting time on work that would provide little benefit.”

Histon manager David Livermore said:

“I was really keen to utilise the latest thinking in sports science to help us progress our ideas on fitness and training, hence our approach to our friends and neighbours at Anglia Ruskin University.

“Their response has been tremendous and they have come up trumps meeting our identified needs with a tailored programme which everyone involved at the club is really thrilled about.”

The former Millwall and Hull City midfielder added:

“We are a Non League outfit but in an our attempt to embrace the latest thinking and applications in sports science the visionary, professional, wholehearted support we are getting from everyone at Anglia Ruskin is of Premier-League quality.”

Histon Chairman Russell Hands said:
“It’s great when we can link into expertise in the local community and our partnership with Anglia Ruskin is an exciting prospect.

“For our part we are keen to ensure it is a mutually beneficial link-up but already their response has been truly magnificent and is a great fillip to David Livermore and his coaching staff as he embarks on the challenging season ahead.”

Thanks to the partnership, undergraduate students on Anglia Ruskin’s Sports Science and Sports Coaching courses will be given the opportunity to work with the Histon players and a number of internships will also be offered by the club.