Go 'beyond the curve' with a Masters Degree in New Media Technology

Published: 30 March 2006 at 11:04

Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge UK) is running a new post-graduate degree in New Media Technology (NMT) which incorporates the creation, editing and processing of audio-visual information stretching across digital TV, Internet and mobile platforms.

The one-year Master of Science Degree has been designed to expand the skill portfolio of people who wish to gain an advanced understanding of the concepts which are current in audio-visual information and New Media Technology.  Recognising the importance of MPEG processes, it features modules on MPEG-4, MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 and provides the opportunity for postgraduate students to acquire a working knowledge and thorough understanding of the precepts which underpin the MPEG standards. Among the various software packages used on the programme is Envivo’s 4Mation.

Explaining the relevance of the new degree course - which is thought to be one of the first in the UK - senior lecturer Dr Allen Brown said:

“As NMT advances there is a growing need for expertise in the implementation and management of NMT services and resources. This Masters programme enables students to gain a high level of proficiency in creating and editing MPEG products to put them ahead of the industry’s skills-curve.”

“Students with an entrepreneurial interest will be encouraged to develop prototypes and trial applications that could yield future enterprise opportunities.”

Modules which form part of the programme include: Audio-visual Classification using MPEG-7, Applications of MPEG-4, Encryption and Distribution of Multimedia Data – MPEG-21, Audio – Music Performance Recording, Internet Infrastructure of Commerce and Generic Software for New Media Technology.

Anglia Ruskin University also offers undergraduate courses in New Media Technology courses which are intended for students wishing to develop careers in these rapidly evolving new technologies, which are changing the way in the world communicates, studies and entertains.

For more information on the these courses contact allen.brown@anglia.ac.uk or visit www.anglia.ac.uk