Get clued up by browsing Human Library

Published: 2 October 2014 at 14:02

Anglia Ruskin University co-organises unique event for World Mental Health Day

Cambridge’s inaugural Human Library event, organised by Anglia Ruskin University and SUN Network, aims to challenge stereotypes and promote tolerance for World Mental Health Day.

On Wednesday, 8 October from 1.30pm until 4.30pm, anyone can drop in to Anglia Ruskin’s Cambridge campus on East Road where books are people and reading is a conversation. Simply turn up, “borrow” one of our volunteers and hear about their experiences of prejudice and stigma.

The subjects are diverse and ready to talk about a range of prejudices.  These are mainly related to mental health, drugs and alcohol addiction and sexuality. Anglia Ruskin’s Community Engagement Officer, Miriam Berg, said:

“Our Human Library event allows people to ‘borrow’ someone with experience of mental health issues so they can ask their own questions and gain an insight they would otherwise not get the opportunity to obtain.
“We hope local people and our students will make the most of this first for Cambridge and come along.”

The SUN Network’s Development Manager, Jenny Swain, said:

“This is such an exciting event for Cambridgeshire.  It’s a great opportunity for our books to talk to people and for them to be open to a wide range of questions.  Human libraries are such an innovative way of asking questions that may otherwise be difficult to ask. As human beings we all experience some difficulties in life, so there is no ‘them and us’.”

For further details, call Miriam Berg on 01223 695060 or e-mail