From pod-casts to online learning pedagogy

Published: 18 May 2006 at 10:45

A seminar and showcase event, for practitioners and students in further and higher education, is being staged by Anglia Ruskin University on Thursday 18 May at its Rivermead Campus in Chelmsford to discuss where we are going with e-learning.

The keynote presentation ‘Designing Interactive Learning for Visually-Hungry Learners’, by Professor Curtis Bonk of Indiana University, USA, will invite attendees to consider the benefits of learning with multimedia and the various factors which can influence the design of engaging multimedia learning experiences. In his workshops Professor Bonk considers how to achieve an effective ‘blend’ of available technologies with learning environments. During the event, delegates will also see how multimedia technologies are currently being used at Anglia Ruskin University to enhancethe student experience and how education has become almost infinitely ‘portable’.

A collaboration between the University’s Faculty of Science & Technology, Ultralab and the Faculty of Education, the event is supported by the Joint Information Systems Committee’s (JISC) Regional Support Centre Eastern, Apple and Anglia Ruskin’s Research & Development Services and Human Resources Department.

The event – to be opened by the University’s Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Peter Creamer - is free to any students and staff from across the region who are interested in the use of multimedia technologies to enhance learning and teaching. It is also open to employers who may be interested in either employing Multimedia graduates or in commissioning research into the use of multimedia.

Sharon Waller of Anglia Ruskin University’s Centre for Learning and Teaching said:

“This is an opportunity for us to reflect on where we are with e-learning and look at where we want to be. We need to ask ourselves what exactly are we trying to achieve, how could we improve on what we do, how can we increase learner motivation and how can we reach out to a wider and more diverse group of learners?”

“We are looking at everything from pod-casting to online learning pedagogy. It is going to be an event that is for everyone involved in alternative and mainstream e-learning teaching and learning techniques.”

Anglia Ruskin University now offers a degree that is not based on a specific subject but on the work that people actually do and it is delivered 100 percent online. The Ultraversity degree course from the University’s Ultralab is a ‘virtual’ degree in that students do not have to attend University as a conventional student but rather research their way to a degree qualification by studying their own job as they work at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home.  All that is required is a computer and Internet access so that people can study from wherever they live in the UK.

This new BA (Hons) Learning Technology Research degree is attracting much new interest in the UK. Now in existence for over four years, the degree course at Ultraversity will this year see over 250 people, who have chosen this alternative route to higher education, graduate.

For more information on the seminar contact 0845 271 3333 or to register an interest in the BA (Hons) Learning Technology Research, contact Ultralab on 01245 252009 or email or visit