Experience The Sound of Singing in King's College

Published: 9 November 2015 at 11:40

Dr Mariana Lopez working in King's College Chapel

Anglia Ruskin researcher Dr Mariana Lopez to lead innovative acoustic workshops

Ever wanted to sing in King’s College Chapel?  Now members of the public will have the chance to experience the sound, if not the actual location, thanks to some innovative research being carried out by Dr Mariana Lopez of Anglia Ruskin University.

Dr Lopez, of Anglia Ruskin’s Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) research institute, specialises in studying the acoustics of heritage sites through acoustic surveys of buildings such as the famous chapel at King’s College.

And from 19-21 November members of the public will get the chance to experience Dr Lopez’s research first-hand thanks to free workshops as part of Being Human, the UK’s only national festival of the humanities.

These workshops will explore the creative potential of combining audio recording techniques with acoustic surveys of heritage sites and applying them to film, TV and music productions.

Part one will introduce the basics of building acoustics while part two will involve participants conducting their own voice recordings in a studio.  In the third part these recordings will be combined with the acoustic characteristics of famous heritage sites to explore the effects on speech and music.

Dr Lopez said:

“The workshops are a way of sharing my acoustic survey research by combining it with aspects of music technology that will appeal to people interested in music and sound design, as well as the general public. 

“In the workshop we’ll discuss the acoustic characteristics of heritage sites in the UK, such as King’s College Chapel here in Cambridge, and how music history has been influenced by the acoustics of buildings.

“The sound of the spaces we live, study, work and spend our leisure time in has a significant impact in the way we interact with each other as well as affecting the perception of speech and music.  Furthermore, sound is a gateway to the understanding of past cultures, which have, until recently, been studied only through their tangible heritage.”

Dr Lopez’s creative acoustics workshops run from Thursday 19 November to Saturday 21 November. The workshops are free but places are limited. To book a place, please visit the Being Human festival website.