Do more with life with Anglia Ruskin

Published: 8 March 2007 at 09:43

Anglia Ruskin University is once again preparing to reveal all to people who want to find out more about Living and Learning - the higher education opportunities available to them.

The forthcoming Open Day on Saturday 17 March will allow potential students of all ages and backgrounds to find out more about undergraduate study. 

Members of the University’s teaching and administrative staff will be offering individuals information to help them make informed decisions about study options, including details about the various programme start dates.  The Faculties involved in the Open Day include Arts, Law and Social Sciences, Science & Technology, the Faculty of Health and Social Care, the Ashcroft International Business School, and Education.

A programme of exciting talks, tours and activities will be included in the day put on by many of the different departments which will make finding out about specific courses and Higher Education in general far easier for all visitors.

In addition to the academic areas being open to all and the Student Union representatives being on hand to detail the service they offer to students, other departments including accommodation, admissions and libraries will be staffed with experts; and the sports facilities and language centres will be ‘on show’ for the day.

External Liaison Manager Rachel Nedwell said

"Anglia Ruskin University will be welcoming potential students and their families to take part in our exciting programme of activities during the forthcoming Open Day."

"We have a host of course leaders on hand to give advice about specific subject areas, with the many high quality work-related teaching and learning programmes on offer it is often the case that there are a range of options available within any given subject."

"We believe that our students are our best ambassadors and to this end we always ensure that there are plenty of current students at our Open Days and we would encourage all visitors to ask them about their experience at Anglia Ruskin University."

"Employers are always looking to recruit the best qualified candidates and so it pays to secure higher education qualifications wherever possible."

Anglia Ruskin University’s courses are designed with the help of the regional, national and international businesses and organisations to ensure that graduates are guaranteed to be work-ready and highly sought after in terms of graduate employability.

Anglia Ruskin University Open Days generally attract 800-1000 prospective students to the campus plus members of their family and friends. There are four Open Days staged during the year. Each one is a key recruitment day for the University.

Those interested in attending one of the Open Days can pre-register online at or call 0845 271 3333 for more details on which courses are offered on which campus.