Departing law professor asks university to make donation to Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity

Published: 8 February 2007 at 10:07

The former Head of the Law School at Anglia Ruskin University has asked for the Law School he is leaving this month to make a donation to the Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity with the money that would bespent on his leaving event.

The now Professor of Law, John White, who has been with the Law School for over 20 years, has followed the progress of the work of Anglia Ruskin University with cancer care and its link with the charity for many years with great interest and admiration.

“I have seen the immense progress that has been made over the years with the fight against cancer. People are now living with and beating the disease which gives enormous hope to those who are newly diagnosed.”

“It is my hope that with this small gesture many others can be encouraged to gift something to the charity which will help. Even small amounts can make a difference if enough people come forward.”

The Law Degrees offered by the Anglia Law School can lead to a variety of careers. It helps students wishing to pursue a career in the legal profession for those intending to qualify as solicitors or barristers. The School also runs an LL.M programme in Medical Law and Practice. 

The School is represented on both Chelmsford and Cambridge campuses.

Professor White’s new job is at Buckingham Chilterns University College which he is joining as Head of Law and Human Sciences in a Faculty of Society and Health.