Crystal clear message rings out to get people on the right HE course

Published: 25 July 2008 at 13:31

As September approaches so does the rush for last minute courses.

Anglia Ruskin University – with its main University campus sites in Cambridge and Chelmsford - is getting set to talk to hundreds of students leaving schools and colleges from the East of England who are facing a crunch decision about their higher education study requirements during the forthcoming period of admissions known as ‘Clearing’.

Clearing applies to students who did not get the results they had hoped for, those who may not have gained a place in the first round of applications, and to those who have only just decided that higher education is the right choice for them.  It also caters for anyone wishing to further their studies or make a new start, including ‘mature students’ (those over the age of 21).

Anglia Ruskin University’s advertising campaign this year has a plain and simple message to people. It is offering those who need a course, those who are concerned about their grades and those thinking about applying, to call a single Clearing Hotline number to get the answers they need. 

Clearing can be a time of anxiety and stress for many young people who simply want to get themselves onto the right university course for them. Kelly Hunt, (20), from Chelmsford, who is currently studying for a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies, can remember exactly what it was like. She said:

“I was working at the time but not particularly happy with the job when my Auntie suggested that I contact Anglia Ruskin University to see what courses were available for September. She knew that I wanted more of a challenge and talked me into calling the Clearing hotline to do something that would ultimately bring me greater rewards.”

“I had not planned to go into higher education but looked back at some old school plan I had made where I had noted that teaching could be the ideal career path for me.  As I still felt the same, some years later, I thought that it would be worth trying the course.”

Talking about the future, Kelly says:

“I do plan to take a teacher training course after I have completed my degree and see myself teaching primary school children.  I would like to combine teaching with travel so it is my intention to do this before I make my final career choice.”

“For other people who are not sure what to do, my advice is to be spontaneous, but take time to check out your course choice.  And then go for it - as there’s absolutely nothing to lose.”

There are over 70 subject areas available for study this autumn and the pathway leaders for each are encouraging people looking for courses to come forward and ask questions.  New courses for September 2008 include BA (Hons) Accounting and Law, BA (Hons) Broadcast Journalism, BA (Hons) Business and Law, FdA Graphic Design, LLB (Hons) Law, LLB (Hons) International Legal Studies, FdA Local Government, BA (Hons) Marketing and Law, FdA/BA Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Instruments Teaching, FdA/BA Popular Music and BA (Hons) Theatre and Disability.

Anglia Ruskin’s Director of Marketing Alan Cain comments:

“This can be a highly stressful time of the year for some students who are yet to secure the course that is right for them but our advice can make a very real difference.” 

“This year we have kept the message very clear.  We want everyone who wants to gain a competitive edge in the job market or to pursue study in a certain area of their choice to contact us and we’ll help them to make it happen.”

Around 80 advisers will be on hand during Clearing week and the service will continue into the weeks following.  When people call the clearing hotline they should have an idea of the subject area they would like to study, a copy of their results and a list of questions they feel they want answered, such as on fees, living costs or accommodation issues.

The Anglia Ruskin Clearing Contact Centre opens from 8am-8.00pm on Thursday 14 August, 8.00am-6.00pm on Friday 15 August, 10.00am-3.00pm on Saturday 16 August and from 11pm- 4.00 pm on Sunday 17 August. 

Last year, the most popular courses during Clearing included law, architecture, adult nursing, civil engineering, business management, psychology, interior design, film studies, English, and drama.