Business 'globetrotters' get expert advice

Published: 30 March 2006 at 11:06

Around 40 senior executives from across the eastern region attended a workshop at Swynford Paddocks to help them to find out more about growing the international activities of their companies. The workshop aimed to recruit a second wave of companies that would benefit from support in their international plans in the form of mentoring, training and placements.

The free event was run by the HIGHER project (Higher International Growth and the Higher Education Resources), which is funded by i10, the university-to-business collaboration service provided by the ten universities in the East of England. The project exploits the leading research into and knowledge of international business strategies that exists within the i10 network, specifically at Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Hertfordshire.

Delegates were told about companies already participating in the project and opportunities available to them. The response was very positive with more than half of the 41 delegates requesting a follow-up visit and business diagnosis.

Professor Lester Lloyd-Reason, Director of the Centre for International Business described the main lessons learned from the project so far, and believes these companies are critical for business growth in the region. He said:

“As a rule, they are already exporting and are now looking to find new ways of exploiting international markets, not just to boost sales but to reduce costs, network and innovate. International markets are complex and change is rapid so everybody needs help.”

"i10’s HIGHER project is one of the larger i10 projects with another six months to run. The workshop helped to make companies more aware of what the project and the i10 universities can offer. “This event was of considerable interest to us, and we look forward to participating in future events of this type,”

said Ray Tinker of UK Photo Gallery.

“The key to the event was attracting companies that need university-level intervention - help with strategic planning, environmental assessment and the most advanced market communication skills.”

says Moana Pledger, Project Director at i10.

“We are working closely with UK Trade and Investment to design sustainable services for these enterprises. They tend to slip through the business support net as things stand.”

The project will continue with a series of one-to-one activities with the participating companies and small workshops.

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