‘Best feet forward’ for the Heart and sole walk

Published: 24 September 2007 at 12:28

Anglia Ruskin University is encouraging staff, students and residents who live near the University to join in a series of healthy walks around the streets and parks of Chelmsford known as the Heart and Sole Walking Scheme.

These weekly ‘free’ walks are a part of Chelmsford’s Healthy Walking Scheme. They are being launched on Tuesday 2 October outside the Michael Aschcroft Building on Rivermead campus at 12.00 and co-ordinated by members of staff at the Department of Sport, Active Lifestyles and Wellbeing and the Campus Nurse at Anglia Ruskin. 

The ‘Riverside Walk’ will take a similar route as the Anglia Ruskin Run and Walk around the paths and smooth terrain of Springfield Hall Park. The walks last approximately half an hour and are led by an experienced leader.  They will give participants the chance to meet new people while getting healthier.

The idea behind the walks, backed by the Mid Essex Primary Care Trust, is to make a difference to people’s wellbeing.  Short walks of this type help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, aid weight loss, improve stamina, strengthen bones and help people to de-stress and relax.

This is a scheme that the University has been developing for a while, as Stephen Dupree, from Anglia Ruskin University explains:

“We have been staging a series of similar walks throughout the summer which have attracted interest from staff within the University who want to start the process of getting fit and healthy, or simply want to enjoy a walk in the fresh air.”

“A simple walk can be as beneficial as a visit to the gym and that is why we are teaming up the Chelmsford Borough Council to offer these new Heart and Sole Walks around the natural parkland that borders our Chelmsford campus.”

“The message to anyone interested is to, please, come and try it for yourself.

"We want these to become a regular sight on campus; the more students, lecturers and residents from the area, the better.”

“All we want is for people to ditch work, the car and shopping for one lunchtime a week – and join us for some healthy walking fun.”

For further information on the Heart and Sole Walks please contact Claire Markwell at Anglia Ruskin University on 0845 196 4321 or email c.s.markwell@anglia.ac.uk