Anglia Ruskin University law students to defend national competition title

Published: 3 February 2009 at 09:55

Top law students prepare to square up for ‘client interviewing’ competition

Students from 24 of top Law Schools throughout the UK will go head  to head in a national competition which focuses on interviewing and client counselling (28 February).

The final of the Law Society’s Client Interviewing Competition 2009 is to be staged at Anglia Ruskin University, on Rivermead campus during February. It is the second time that the home team has hosted the competition after winning for three years in a row and for the fifth time overall.  If they win it will mean they will be travelling to the University of Nevada, USA to compete in the finals in April.

Anglia Ruskin’s Anglia Law School will field two students from its Legal Practice Course (LPC) in the competition which is held annually. 

Last year, students Kate Radley (24) and Victoria Strathern (22) from Chelmsford walked away with the winner’s prize having competed against top law students from the University of Cardiff, City University, University of Hull, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, John Moores University and Oxford Brooks University and the University of Westminster.

This year’s team comprises Lindsey Crockett (23) and Kim Corby (22). The students are coached by Lindsey Squire, who commented:

"Anglia Ruskin University has developed a national reputation for teaching client interviewing techniques, and as a result we have many top level candidates in terms of interviewing and counselling who are currently on our Legal Practice (LPC) course. We focus heavily on these skills as they are an essential requirement for any aspiring solicitor."

The Legal Practice Course is the postgraduate programme for law students. It is from here that students move into training before becoming fully fledged solicitors. 

Anglia Ruskin University has 89 students currently on the course.  The course start date is September 2009.

Sponsors for the competition this year include Leonard Gray Solicitors in Chelmsford & Gepp & Sons Solicitors in Chelmsford and M&G Investments of London.

For further information on the competition or law courses at Anglia Ruskin University, please contact the Faculty Office on 0845 196 3800/3801 or visit